Tom Clancy Dies Aged 66

Military and espionage novelist, Tom Clancy, passed away last night at a hospital in his home town of Baltimore, Md.

Over the years many of his works have seen big-screen adaptations, including The Hunt for Red October and 2002’s The Sum Of All Fears.


Tom Clancy was also an iconic name in the gaming industry. In 1996 the novelist co-founded Red Storm Entertainment before the studio was bought up by Ubisoft in 2000. The developer was best known for kick-starting the Rainbow Six franchise, its latest instalment -Patriots- still said to be in the works at Red Storm.

He also lent his name to a number of other series including H.A.W.X, Endwar, Ghost Recon, and of course, Splinter Cell, as well as upcoming MMO shooter, The Division.

It’s unclear as to whether Clancy’s death will have an impact on these series. Publisher Ubisoft has yet to comment on the writer’s tragic passing.

Source: New York Times



  1. I’m in shock. A great man and writer.

  2. RIP. Enjoyed lots of Clancy games/movies over the years. Sure his legacy will live on for many years to come.

  3. Ah, that’s a shame. He’s garnered quite the fan-base both in book and game form. Something not to be sniffed at.

    The Division has some sensational promise from the E3 trailer/gameplay vids. I hope it does his name service as it has my full attention so far.

  4. Sad to hear, I love his books and his games. Still waiting for Patriots from Ubi though…

  5. I’ve enjoyed a few books of his over the years, RIP.

  6. Really sad news. I enjoyed many of his books over the years, my first was Rainbow Six – that was epic.

  7. Sad news indeed. Although I didn’t rate his later work, and found his name attached to far too many undeserving game and book titles it is his early work for which he will always be most fondly remembered by me, particularly Red Storm Rising and The Hunt for Red October. RIP.

  8. Noooo! :(

  9. R.I.P Loved Tom Clancy games especially Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon. Sad news :(

  10. Sad news have a massive collection on Clancy games love em all Splinter Cell is the reason I got into gaming.

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