PSN Store Update: 21/08/13 – Saints Row, Puppeteer Demo & Killzone Beta

It’s Wednesday again, which means store update day. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can download the Puppeteer Demo and the beta for Killzone Mercenary.

Arriving on the store today is Divekick for £7.99, which you can pick up for both PS3 and PS Vita, and also Snowy: Treasure Hunter (£6.49) for which there is a trial to download.

Available from Friday will be three of this month’s biggest games; Saints Row IV (which Blair reviewed last week), The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (which Peter scored an 8/10) and finally Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Peter also gave it an 8/10).

In terms of DLC there are bundles of new content for Defiance, God of War and Tales of Xillia. Also, on the PS Vita you can pick up the new DLC for Soul Sacrifice for free.

Yesterday we reported that The Walking Dead Vita port could be heading to Europe this week but sadly it’s not included in the update. You can, however, see a list of everything that is available over on the PlayStation Blog.


  1. Ah the Mercenary beta, now were talking.

  2. Installing the Puppeteer demo as I type this. Be prepared, it’s a 5.8Gb download.

    • a demo at 6gb? wow

      • Yeah, judging from the size (and the fact that there is a ‘buy game’ option on the main menu), I assume it’s the full game limited to demo form.
        It’s a decent sized demo though, and you get access to 5 or 6 different heads.

  3. No Walking Dead Vita is disappointing but the Killzone beta is more than a better substitute this week.

  4. So I bought SR4 on the US store and it didn’t come with an online pass. I’m not sure if this is an error or not. Any who has bought it had the same thing happen to them?

    • Store purchases should automatically have the online pass C_S15.At least thats been my experience.

  5. I’m 2/3 of the way through downloading the Killzone Beta; deleted a couple of games to make space on my 8gb memory card and downloaded half of it! From the video on here from the closed beta it looks good

  6. wow reviews on this site seem to be getting so safe these days. I swear I feel like the last 5 games all got 8/10. Including Duck Tales which is a massive joke and an ironic nostalgic cash-in.

    • What’s that about reviews being opinion?

    • Yes it was a massive joke, I laughed all the way through. One the most enjoyable games I have played. Now shush, I have surfing to do.

    • There just seems to be a few popular 8/10 games out now, remember that it’s all each individual reviewer’s opinion so there’s no way we’re intentionally setting them at that score. It’s like when you choose C twice in a row on a multiple answer test, and then you’re confident the next one is also C; there’s a pattern but it doesn’t mean anything.

      Also, if you look at our reviews page ( you’ll see that there are a lot of other scores recently too, including two 3/10s, a couple of 7/10s and even a 10/10.

      Anyway, it’s a bit disappointing to have people entirely focus on the scores when so much work is put into the thousands of words above that completely justify that little morsel of information at the end.

  7. No sign of the Killzone Mercenery beta on the Irish store, same with Resistance Burning Skies, even with a search.
    I’ve grabbed the Puppeteer demo for now and hopefully the others will show up later.

  8. with all the Gamescom news, i clean forgot it was store update day.
    nothing much for me this week.

    i might try the Puppeteer demo, but 5 gigs? oof.

    • It looks like another farce by SCEE sega knows about a issue of pre-order of castle of illusion hope to resovle it soon.

      It does not bold well for Ps4 when it out due to SCEE stupidity over 8 years they are a small team compare with SCEA

      Hope you continue to enjoy our ps4 in our region that nothing going to change 1 region is better then the other.

      • Why is the size of the demo anything to do with scee?

      • Oh dear. All I see is YOU on every article raging about SCEE like you’re treat like a third world country. Please simmer down abit.

  9. About SCEE like a third world country, it is have anyone got counter strike yet it seems nearly everyone on here belong to SDF that sees SCEE can’t do anything wrong, people hate fanboys on here but I do hate lot of arse kissing to Sony.

    If Sony bring out a shit on a stick people will lap that up.

    What size of the demo to do with SCEE is this not the store thread do people here don’t read the EU blog about castle of ilusion of “where’s is it” so I was still on topic saying SCEE have failed to deliver a sega game.

    Christ those words back at me tells me that I hurt people feelings just for criticism of sony for not doing a better job. It called hash criticism

  10. Incoherent argument leads to .. a dead end.

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