WeView Verdict: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

It seems as though that The Bureau was quite enjoyable, even if there wasn’t a huge response. That seems to be the general consensus: it wasn’t played by a huge amount of people, but loved by those who did spend time with it.

The main reasons for people enjoying it seem to be that it blended the tactical third person elements of Mass Effect 3 with the more strategical side of gameplay found in XCOM, creating an intriguing mix of gameplay elements.

“It’s kind of impressive this game was ever released considering the rocky development it had.” said DuffyBox, pointing out the game’s troubled development, where it was originally a first person shooter rather than a squad-based third person affair. He highlighted this expansive Polygon article which goes into the situation over seven years in much more detail.

“I really enjoyed the gameplay of this, the atmosphere was pretty cool too. Plot was a bit lacking and I would’ve liked a more expansive list of powers and things to unlock for my agents” continued Duffy.

Starman described the game as an “enjoyable tactical shooter”, and while it was nothing ground breaking, the campaign was enjoyable all the way through. Ohmikkie also described the game as “enjoyable”, and it took them by surprise.

Kamokazi-UK described the finest points of game in one succinct paragraph:

I enjoyed the slower paced game-play of X-Com and was excited to see what they would do with Declassified, Although I took my time picking it up cheap If was a nice mix of what I played with the Enemy Unknown as well as your typical cover based shooter.

So, that’s it for The Bureau. There were only three ratings this week, two of which were Buy It and one for Bargain Bin It. That’s a good response, and it seems as though the game is definitely worth checking out.

PSN and Steam title Don’t Starve is up next, and since it’s been on PlayStation Plus, there might be a bigger response, but we’ve got a new poll for you. Since we’ve passed the PS4 launch titles in previous WeView posts, it’s time to give some of the downloadable titles a chance, alongside a Wii U exclusive.



  1. I never got a chance to play it, so I wasn’t able to give a verdict on it :P

    Interesting to see what others have said about it though, and I do love the XCOM franchise. So I may pick it up if I see it in a steam sale or something.

    • Funnlily ehough Nocure, it was on the steam sale along with Enemy Unknown bundle.

      • Really? Hope I haven’t missed out!

        Don’t know how that got past me because I’ve been all over this years summer sale like a bad rash…

    • It was buried in with the normal copy of X-Com

  2. Think I’ll bargain bin this when I see it going for £5, sounds like it’s worth a go. Terror from the Deep is still my favourite Xcom game, yep, even prefer it to the awesome reboot.

  3. GAME were selling PC copies in store for £3.99 recently.

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