WeView: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

In among the madness of E3, we didn’t manage to get a poll up last week, so we’ve taken your second top result from the week before. This should be an interesting one, as I’m sure the last generation only release passed many people by, who were saving up for the new consoles in the following months. But it could still be worth picking up at a lower price.

After years of seemingly troubled development, The Bureau emerged from the ashes of a first-person shooter titled simply XCOM. Taking the form of a third-person shooter, it also incorporated strategy elements and squad based gameplay, with fellow squadmates being killed permanently if something goes wrong.

Sounds a bit different, doesn’t it? If that’s not exciting enough, then the blend of sci-fi with the 60s setting might do it for you. It’s a great and fresh atmosphere which matches the superb combat. Peter reviewed the game, scoring it 8/10:

The Bureau comes as a very pleasant surprise. It’s not a cynical cash-in on Enemy Unknown’s success, it’s not a forgettable me-too third person cover-based shooter and it’s not a clunky shoe-horning of familiar ideas into a new set of mechanics. The Bureau has occasional problems with pacing, it could do with a little more polish and it doesn’t revolutionise shooters but it does adroitly step sideways into a totally unfamiliar genre and it expands the greater fiction while doing so. Another successful XCOM mission.

It’s nice to see something different on the market, and something that might not necessarily be something you’d expect to be successful in the world of gaming, but that’s not what we’re here for.

We want to know what you thought of the game: did you enjoy it, or do you prefer the actual XCOM strategy games? Did you think it was a great sci-fi shooter which blended in more tactical elements, or a mediocre sci-fi shooter with poorly implemented strategy gameplay.

Let us know in the comments section below. Simply leave a paragraph with your thoughts on the game, and then round it off with a Buy It, Bargain Bin It or Avoid It rating. We’ve removed Rent It completely due to the decline of rental stores and services, so you’ve got these three options now.

As I mentioned, we missed out a poll, so we’ll have to do it here for next week. We’ve got Forza 5 and Super Mario 3D Land alongside OlliOlli and Don’t Starve.



  1. I enjoyed the slower paced game-play of X-Com and was excited to see what they would do with Declassified, Although I took my time picking it up cheap If was a nice mix of what I played with the Enemy Unknown as well as your typical cover based shooter.

    Sadly not enough re-play in there to get the other trophies as I’d already downloaded the DLC to max out my character. Ideally i’d say Rent it…but as that’s not an option i’d say Buy it.

  2. Another game I picked up cheap (new for £7 recently), and just haven’t got around to playing it yet. Looks like the type of thing I’d like.

  3. I really enjoyed the gameplay of this, the atmosphere was pretty cool too. Plot was a bit lacking and I would’ve liked a more expansive list of powers and things to unlock for my agents but I’d say if you like strategic squad based third person shooting in the vein of Mass Effect then it’s worth Bargain Binning.

    It’s kind of impressive this game was ever released considering the rocky development it had. Interesting article about it here: http://www.polygon.com/features/2013/8/19/4614410/xcom-the-bureau-development-2006-2013

  4. Got it on Steam over Christmas on sale. Surprisingly found it enjoyable.

  5. An enjoyable tactical shooter. Nothing ground breaking but I enjoyed it all the way through the campaign.

    Buy it (its cheap now anyway)

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