Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Coming Next Year

Well, there isn’t much of a reveal to see here, but Sleeping Dogs developers United Front Games are making another game set in the Sleeping Dogs universe named “Triad Wars”, which will again be published by Square Enix.

You won’t hear much else until 2014 – they’re remaining tight-lipped about the project at the moment, but they’ve said that “it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages”. To me, the title Triad Wars sounds more like a mobile or downloadable spin-off than a sequel, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Another next generation GTA-esque adventure would be very welcomed though; the first Sleeping Dogs was a really great game.

Source: UFG Blog



  1. Please be a proper sequel! Loved the first, much more than GTA IV

    • likewise! It was a great game!
      Just to bad the sales weren’t that impressive.
      Now let’s hope it’s a proper sequel and not a stupid mobile game or some sort!

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