Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Coming Next Year

Well, there isn’t much of a reveal to see here, but Sleeping Dogs developers United Front Games are making another game set in the Sleeping Dogs universe named “Triad Wars”, which will again be published by Square Enix.

You won’t hear much else until 2014 – they’re remaining tight-lipped about the project at the moment, but they’ve said that “it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages”. To me, the title Triad Wars sounds more like a mobile or downloadable spin-off than a sequel, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Another next generation GTA-esque adventure would be very welcomed though; the first Sleeping Dogs was a really great game.

Source: UFG Blog



    Excellent news. Loved the first.

  2. I really wished the first game sold a lot more. It really was a great game.

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be very similar to GTA: Chinatown Wars, especially if it’s a mobile title like you suggest.

  4. Completed Sleeping Dogs about a week ago after picking it up as a freebie on PS plus I loved and would pre order any follow up especially if it was next gen.

  5. i’d guess a multiplayer arena type thing.
    totally ignoring the heavy martial arts emphasis from the original in favour of guns, guns, and more guns.

    or it could be good. ^_^

  6. Sounds like a free-to-play multiplayer thing.

  7. Sleeping Dogs…

    A game with more character in it’s little finger than any GTA since Vice City.

    That was a game with a real nuanced character where actions fit well in context and the game never got overly ridiculous.

  8. Hah. I read this as “Watch Dogs: Triad Wars” and everyone was commenting sarcastically. FML

    • You’re not then only one! Sounds good though, I suppose it could piggyback off the Deus Ex mobile game if its going that way, but hopefully it’s a full on next gen effort. FML, love it, it’s the most underused and greatest exclamation of recent years.

  9. Nice one. The first one was great.

  10. Knowing Square-Enix its prolly a F2P shooter “that” actually fits in the games universe this time. I liked Sleeping Dogs but not much of the open world thing and physics. Hope its not a mobile game or spin-off… needs a sequel despite being a “failure”

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