FuturLab Announce Surge Deluxe For Vita

FuturLab has announced that PlayStation Mobile title, Surge, is getting an upgrade and will release on the Vita as Surge Deluxe. The upgraded version is being released with ideas and tweaks taken from fan feedback to include additional modes and features.

The new additions of Surge Deluxe include a new Combiner block, removing the colour requirements for multipliers and allowing players to create their own multipliers for higher scores.  There will also be a Chain Linker block which allows players to combine blocks of different colours. A Puzzle mode will also be included in the game.


The various colours in Surge Deluxe will also have their own shapes for the benefit of colour blind players. Leaderboards will also return with the addition of a Best Clearance Score board, and there will be unlockable backgrounds. The way scores are rewarded will also be changed with the ability to grind removed.

Surge Deluxe is scheduled to release in early 2014.

Source: PS Blog




  1. I was holding back on this because I thought there might be a Vita version coming. Good to hear, and I’ll look forward to playing it.

  2. It caters for colour blind players!! Thank you FuturLab.

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