Valve Release Video Showing Steam Controller In Action

Valve has released the first footage of the Steam Controller in action, demoing it with games such as Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Civilization 5, and Papers, Please. This demonstration focuses solely on the trackpads and how they’re used across the different styles of gameplay.


Personally I feel the controller is much more suited to the likes of Civ 5 and Papers, Please than the other games it is demoed with, and it will be interesting to see the controller in the hands of the beta testers compared to someone who has had quite a lot of time to get used to it.

Of course the video can’t really give us a true impression of how the haptic feedback works, so the full experience of what using the trackpads will be like is something that needs a hands on. It is interesting to see how Valve are trying to add to the way of how games are played, though more demonstrations of how the rest of the controller works need to be seen before a true picture can be formed.

What do you think?

Source: Youtube



  1. It looks like an interesting contribution to PC gaming when games like Civilization V can be player in a relaxed manner on the couch.

    Definitely something I’d be interested in if I were a PC gamer. But as it is, I’m focusing more on console gaming for the moment.

  2. I think it’s something I’d definitely have to go hands on with to fully appreciate, because right now, though I admire the bold direction and some of the ideas, I don’t see how aiming via repeated little swipes is better than the thumbstick approach…

    We’ll see.

    • I like the idea of the trackpads but, like you say, it’s difficult to see how good/bad they are until you try it for yourself.
      If they work really well it could change the look of all future controllers.

    • First thing I noticed too. See that four swipe movement to get him turning right? Sod that! :-\

    • Looking at the video again I’m not sure the swipes are required. He just simply moves his finger forward to move forward, so surely that constant can be carried over to the right track pad for looking. The whole swiping thing was just an example of responsiveness and accuracy, that’s what I reckon anyway.

  3. Still not convinced by the trackpads…guess it’ll be a “try it and see” sort of deal.

  4. The Portal controls look good, I like how the player flicked left and right whilst lifting his thumb off the pad and the view kept rotating like it had momentum until he put his thumb back on the pad, very clever and probably easy to get used to. I’m less convinced by the RTS clip though. It seems that in this day and age of 1080p and tiny little menu buttons a little touch pad is going to make hitting those buttons much more of a ball ache than a little mouse with all your arm muscles behind it. If players can’t nail the tiny buttons then I’m not sure they’ll see the point in the Steam controller.

  5. I think it looks great in Portal and TF2, the first person controls look more accurate than traditional analogue sticks, maybe that will mean we’ll be seeing the end of auto aiming for controllers.

  6. I am still not convinced on those trackpads..

  7. I think it looks great :) Especially with the 1:1 tracking. Could be good for FPS games. Cant wait to try it!

  8. So it basically works like my trackpad that’s integrated into my couch Logitech keyboard? No thanks. I don’t want to swipe multiple times to turn around…

    • Exactly what I was thinking, if its like a trackpad on a laptop, its going to utter shite.

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