First Angry Birds Go! Gameplay Trailer

Rovio are about to ditch the traditional Angry Birds formula for a 3D downhill karting game in the form of Angry Birds Go! and they’ve just released the first trailer, which you can see above.


Hoping to capture the success of Mario Kart and its many clones, Rovio promise a cast of all your favourite characters, each with unique abilities reflecting those in the 2D physics games. It will also support telepods, allowing you to transport these character figurines into your game.

The style is certainly a departure, and a sign that the Angry Birds franchise is branching out. While Rovio have stayed away for the most part from gameplay-blocking in-app purchases before, Go! will be available as a free-to-play app on December 11th.

Source: YouTube


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  1. If they can bring their charm to karting it should do very well. I think most of the world is still waiting for something that has that Mario Kart appeal but on other platforms.

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