Five Things Cheaper Than Angry Birds Trilogy On PS Vita

Angry Birds Trilogy is heading to PlayStation Vita this week, but the news of the avian physics game heading to the platform isn’t the real story, it’s the fact that the game will be priced at £34.99, and that’s quite expensive compared to the budget price of the mobile equivalents.

So, we’ve got five related things that you can buy for cheaper (or about the same price – £35 seems more popular than £34.98) than Angry Birds Trilogy, starting with an actual bird.

An Actual Bird

Actual birds are cheaper than throwing virtual birds at virtual green pigs on your Vita screen, and that’s just a fact. Unless you’re looking for a really rare parrot, then £35 should be enough of a budget for you to buy that budgie you’ve always desired. If you go over to Gumtree, then you can even see a pair of budgies and a cage for the price of Angry Birds on a slightly bigger device in your pocket.

Helo thy i hve two budgies fr sale blue one is hand tame nt bite you sit on hand com on shoulder sit on yr head two budgies with cage £35 take food frm hand as well.pikup or can delver fr feul coast.

How can you resist a deal like that? I wouldn’t recommend throwing these birds at pigs (or anything, really) as that would make them very angry and it’s actually illegal to do so. In fact, I’d go as far to say that I do not condone the throwing of birds in anything other than a virtual game-based environment.

Fifty Copies Of Angry Birds On iOS

The Angry Birds Trilogy includes a total of – wait for it – three Angry Birds games, each of which are priced at 69p on iOS. You could buy each of these sixteen times over and have a couple of pounds to spare! So that means you and fifteen others could get the full Angry Birds Trilogy experience – albeit without the additional functionality to create your own Angry Birds tunes – for the price of one single Vita experience.

And anyway, who wants to create songs in Angry Birds when you can just do that in Mario Paint for free? Literally not one person on this green and blue planet of ours.

A Really Nice Bird Feeder

Studies* have shown that feeding birds is way better than throwing birds or owning them, so why not forget about Angry Birds on PS Vita and just buy a really nice bird feeder from Amazon? I thought that this one was particularly snazzy, but Tuffcub, who seems to be an expert on bird feeders as well as fashion, described it as “a tad avant-garde” and opted for this one instead.

*These studies may or may not have consisted of me replicating Angry Birds in real life by throwing bird seed – not birds – at creatures of the avian persuasion.

Ten Vita Games And An 8GB Memory Card

Angry Birds is good, and there’s three of them in this package, with over 700 levels of content on offer, but you know what’s even better? Ten good games for under £27, that’s what you should be looking for instead.

It’s great that you can buy LittleBigPlanet Vita, WipEout 2048, MotorStorm RC, Frobisher Says, Little Deviants, Ecolibrium, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Lemmings, Hungry Giraffe and Rotating Octopus along with a 8GB Vita memory card for just £26.99 then, isn’t it? That’s certainly better value than three Angry Birds games, but probably not quite as good as fifty copies of the game on iOS.

A New Office Chair

I went to IKEA on Sunday and bought a new office chair to go in front of my desk. At no point did I think “I should be buying a new Vita game, a pair of budgies, a bird feeder or fifty copies of Angry Birds instead.” So this is clearly the best purchase you make for that £35 you were saving up for an overpriced port of three mobile games.

I am sitting in the chair right now and I can say with confidence that it allows you to “sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height”, as the description on IKEA’s website says. In fact, if I hadn’t bought the chair then you probably wouldn’t be reading this, as I’d have gone to do something else rather than use my new piece of furniture.

There are currently about seventy comments on the post on the EU PlayStation Blog, every single one of which mentions the ridiculous pricing of the title.



  1. Way to treat people like idiots. As if they had’t already milked this franchise in every way they can.

  2. Or an infinite number of downloads of Angry Birds on Android

  3. I love the official blog page for this. It’s just a stream of people laughing at Sony for the pricing.
    I really hope they are getting the message and no one is being idiotic enough to buy it.

  4. You always get one,just had a quick look and someone has already made a purchase and give it a 5* rating.

  5. wasn’t Rio released free to promote that movie? that nobody saw.

    so even if you bought the hd versions, that’s less then two quid probably.
    and they’re charging 35 quid?

    i don’t know what they’re on, but where can i get some?

    i think maybe they let the numbers of download go to their heads.
    a billion downloads is a lot, but how many of those were the free versions?
    and when people did pay, they paid about a quid.

    this is not the sort of game that warrants a 35 pound price tag.
    it’s a diversion, it’s a time waster, it’s something you play for five minutes in your lunch break or when you’re waiting for the bus/train/whatever.

    i can guarantee they wouldn’t have gotten a billion downloads if the games were around 8 quid each.

    rovio need a reality check if they think anything near that price is in any way enticing.

    move the decimal place left one and then we’ll talk.

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