Limbo “No Longer A Cross-Buy Title”

In what I think is the first example of this happening, Playdead have apparently removed the Cross-Buy feature from the PS3 and Vita versions of Limbo.

Commenters on the PlayStation Blog post detailing this week’s Horror Sale noted that purchasing one version of the game did not grant them access to the other, as is usually the case with Cross-Buy-enabled titles. The scheme has been used on a number of digital and retail releases since the launch of the Vita in early 2012.


While there had previously been no notification of the offer’s withdrawal with regards to Limbo, and the Cross-Buy deal was noted on Playdead’s site as late as yesterday, the company has now responded to e-mail queries confirming that the title is indeed no longer eligible for Sony’s pay-once-get-both scheme. “I can confirm that LIMBO is no longer a cross buy title,” noted Sony’s Chris Howe in the Blog comments earlier this morning. “Please note that moving forward the game will continue not to support the cross buy functionality.”

The eligibility of Limbo for the program was actually a surprise – prior to release it seemed like the recent Vita version would be a separate purchase from the earlier PS3 product, but those who had previously purchased the PS3 version (or received it from PlayStation Plus) found that the Vita version was indeed marked as ‘free’ on the Store come release day.

With the removal of Cross-Buy from the title, some commenters on the Blog even claim that they can now not re-download the previously free version of the game from the PlayStation Store, but a quick check at our end seems to suggest that if you had previously triggered the deal by ‘purchasing’ the second version of the game for free from the Store,  it will indeed remain in your download list and continue to appear as free on the Store.

Those who have purchased the title in the Horror Sale and not received both versions of the game are encouraged to contact Playdead via the support address listed in the comments to receive a code for the missing version.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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  1. Not so bad if they are providing a code for those who bought it in the Horror sale.

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