New Star Soccer 1.5 Patch Released

It has taken a while to get here, but New Star Soccer 1.5 has finally arrived and filled up my iPhone 5’s screen to its full length. However, that’s actually the least significant change that has been made to the game; they’ve also made it really, really hard!

From the front end, you now have three career slots, and the ability to gracefully retire your players, which can now be male or female (Get your act together, EA! Give us female FIFA!). The career menus between matches have been tweaked and altered to give you more information and let you get around quicker. Energy drinks in particular are easier to buy, and can be bought mid-match.


However, there’s also a whole host of new content, with what feels like roughly double the amout of fashion accessories, vehicles and properties that you can buy. It’s not just there that you can buy more things, as Agents and Trainers have been added, for you to hire for 50 or more matches to boost a bunch of stats to do with your money earning and playing skills, respectively. Speaking of which, skills will now deteriorate as time passes.

The main downside here is that only the first level Agent and Trainer can be bought with just in-game graft, wanting 69p or £1.49 for the second and third levels which boost thost perks for longer and to a greater degree. The amount of post-match recovery has been reduced, for my Real Madrid playing, British born pro – He did the Spurs-Madrid hop way before Bale did, I might add! – so that managing your in-match pace and energy is all the more critical. I need to start saving up and buy more property ASAP!

In a match, the entire experience has been polished and boosted. You can now manage your pace better, picking not just the work rate, but also the degree to which you’re focussed on attack and defence. Little touches like blocked shots seeing the ball rebounded off the screen accompany new headers, which are damned fast and tricky to control, and defenders coming at you as you line up your shot or pass. It is, quite simply, a lot harder to get in a perfect game.

Apparently there’s also a Hard mode, which sounds like it’s going to be absolutely brutal.

As a free update, everyone with NSS already will get this through the App Store, and if you’ve got iOS 7 installed, the game has probably already been updated.




  1. Already downloaded and what a fantastic update. I loved this game already but this has refreshed the game and made me want to play it constantly all over.

  2. Whens it out for android?

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