Killzone Shadow Fall Has Gone Gold

PS4 games are actually in production, it’s actually happening. Well, not for DriveClub, and now it makes sense with the timing of the delay, but Killzone Shadow Fall has wrapped up development (well, until the patches and DLC) and the gold master disc has been sent off, ready for mass production.

It’s exciting, isn’t it? The PS4 is just around the corner now, and you can really feel the excitement building even just this morning. Expect that excitement to build up even more over the coming weeks as Sony ramp up the PS4 advertising, this little bit of info is just the start.

Will you be picking up Killzone Shadow Fall with your PS4?


  1. Yes I will! Getting the 430 quid bundle with KZ, extra controller and camera. Definitely exciting times!
    Wonder when there’ll be a definitive list of launch titles? Or is there already?

  2. Yep getting this and BF4 as my launch titles!! Can’t wait now, it’s so close!!

  3. I ha Watch Dogs pre ordered along with BF4 and FIFA so it’s either this, CoD or NFS….

  4. I have this pre-ordered and is my only pre-ordered game at the moment. But, I am waiting for a slew of Indie games such as Outlast and Contrast on the PSN. I hope Planetside 2 is available at launch as that is the other game I am really looking forward to.

    Would have considered Watch Dogs but just KZ for now. Can’t wait :)

  5. I’ve got the KZ Mega bundle, BF4, COD:Ghosts and AC4 pre-ordered…. not long now.

  6. Great news. I’m getting mega bundle. I’m going to be playing Ps4 first time next week. :-)

  7. Happy days!

  8. Very nice! I am excite!

  9. Huzzah!! It has a launch title! :P

  10. PS4 and Killzone pre ordered. Kinda want another game but think I’ll wait. Wanted Watch Dogs but, well you know…

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