Deep Silver Publishing NASCAR ’14 For USA And PAL In Early 2014

Euthechnyx’ NASCAR game series has been rather well received by fans of this particular brand of racing, which so stereotypically only turns left, but in reality does a whole lot more than just ovals. However, the main sticking point for EU-based fans has been that Activision’s publishing deal saw them only really bother to address the North American market for the sport.

Though this is admittedly the sport’s homeland, and so the first place to take the game, it has left fans in the rest of the world out of the fun. In the end, Eutechnyx had to self-publish a PS3 release of their 2011 entry, around a year late, and while Activision supported NASCAR: Inside Line’s digital EU release, it too was quite a few months behind the times.


In comes Deep Silver to help you all out, having first brought a retail release of the enhanced PC release of Inside Line, and now announcing overall publishing rights for NASCAR ’14. Their press release states that NASCAR ’14 will be coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for both North American and PAL territories in early 2014, for $49.99.

This essentially ends those lengthy waits which fans have been enduring and additionally brings the NASCAR Highlights scheme across the ocean, which was missing from the EU release of Inside Line. NASCAR Highlights allows players to take part in and recreate some of the big moments from the NASCAR season, just a few days after they’ve happened in the actual races themselves.

That’s something I’d like to see spread to other racing games, actually.

Via: Press Release.



  1. Wonder if that means DLC etc will make it outside of US too?

  2. Will GT6 have NASCAR bits?
    I thought gt5 missed a trick with their NASCAR licence.

    • I think so, Daytona and Indianapolis are included in GT6….and of course there’s DLC!

  3. Good news, even better would be a next version.

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