Killzone Shadow Fall Won’t Ever Need Balancing Patches

If there’s one thing to take away from this generation, it’s that a constant barrage of balancing patches and online fixes is a downright annoyance, with games being updated after launch, meaning that you’ll need to wait for a download before playing.

Thankfully, Guerrilla Games are hoping to solve this issue in the next generation with PS4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall, as they’ll be able to update the game and balance weapons “on the fly” if they feel as though the gameplay demands so, as they stated in an interview with OPM:

“What we can do now for example, is in multiplayer, we can track all the weapons. So if a specific weapon is overpowered, you know it’s killing too many people and people start complaining, we don’t have to release a patch any more. We can, on server side, tweak the damage down on that weapon and instantly everyone will just have a less powerful weapon.”

He says that there will still be patches however, with content – such as how a weapon looks – needing to be included in a patch. If it’s just the variables such as weapon balance or how it fires, then that can all be done server-side.

OPM also asked lead designer Eric Boltjes how their PlayGo streaming tech worked, essentially allowing you to play the game while it’s still downloading:

“Basically how that works is that we’ve split up our engine in such away instead that instead of having to have everything to work you can download parts of it. And a large part of the game is obviously the weapons and gameplay mechanics.

“So before you can start playing we have to look at, well, what does the first level contain? Well it contains these enemy types, these weapons, these textures, these sounds etc.

“We make a package out of that, and that’s the first bit you download which is a lot smaller than the entire game. So once you have that part and where it gets really interesting is that level 2 might have the same enemies types, just a few extra. So to play level 2 it’s actually not a lot more data to download. After you’ve done that first initial download, you start playing level 1, in the background it’s downloading level 2, level 3, level 4, depending on how fast your internet connection is. Hopefully, there’s going to be wait times, but hopefully there’ll be a lot less wait times than having to download the whole game.”

I’m really liking all of this stuff for next generation, it seems as though they’re really advancing and cleaning up the few mistakes this generation made, as it was born in the infancy of online play on consoles. It’s not quite no patches but it’s definitely less, and that’s a good thing.

Source: OPM UK



  1. Sounds good to me!

    CoD Ghosts is also going to have something along these lines, with being able to balance and tweak certain parts of the game on the server side.

    Similarly, when you log into multiplayer on Uncharted 2, 3 or The Last of Us, it’s pulling down the tweaks and changes to maps and balancing that have been applied to the game, though the experience should be a lot smoother and faster on next-gen.

  2. Why developers haven’t done this more during this gen I can’t understand.

    • Yeah it seems like a very simple but clever idea. They’re doing it now, that’s what matters :) RIP the day one patch!

    • My guess is that most games used peer to peer connections for multiplayer matches. With dedicated servers, the devs have a lot more control.

  3. Didn’t bungie do this with halo 3?

    • Yep. Every Halo game this gen has worked like this. Really surprised other devs haven’t followed suit until now

  4. I love the way they are doing the downloads, being unable to get fast internet its a major plus for me.

  5. Does anyone know if playgo applies to all Downloadable games or is it publisher dependant? The only example I’ve seen so far is with Killzone

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