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Remember Me is coming to PlayStation Plus as part of this week’s PS Store update, giving every Plus subscriber the opportunity to contribute to WeView this week – so there’s no excuse not to comment!

I’ve only just re-subscribed to PlayStation Plus and one of the main reasons for doing so was down to the inclusion of Remember Me in October’s Instant Game Collection. It’s one of those games which I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while, secretly wishing to purchase, so I’m quite excited to download the game tomorrow.


Remember Me released to extremely mixed reviews, with a varied range of scores, from 5s to 9s. It currently sits at a respectable 73 on Metacritic.

Peter reviewed the game and gave it a solid 8/10. He was quite a fan of the game’s protagonist Nilin saying she “has the perfect blend of confused vulnerability and re-emerging fighting spirit to make her a fantastic protagonist”.

He later went on to say that “the world of Remember Me is believable, largely thanks to the very smart marriage between familiar Parisian architectural landmarks and futuristic, neon styling”. This Neo Paris setting is Remember Me’s biggest attraction for me too, personally.

Of course Remember Me wasn’t without flaws. Peter criticised the repeating waves of enemies which “feel like they’re just increasing longevity”.

He concluded:

Remember Me surprises in many pleasant ways as its fast-paced action beats play out. Although the narrative is perhaps a little predictable in places, it does have a few twists along the way that should be enough to keep you guessing right up to a final, titanic showdown inside a very alien environment.

Now it’s over to you – what did you think of Remember Me? Be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating. As usual you have until Sunday evening to write your mini-reviews, and we’ll collate all the comments into Monday’s verdict article. If you’re getting the game with Plus this week you’ll have plenty of time to get down your initial impressions of Remember Me.



  1. I picked it up on launch day as it looked very different from the norm. However once i had it and started to play it my interest in it waivered. Personally i would now pick it up if you havent played it yet as part of the PSN Plus but i wouldnt pay big money for it. For me its a Bargain Bin It.

  2. for me this was my last rental from love film..
    although flawed it still had playability..
    some really annoying camera angles and a really quirky combo system(that i still don’t get to this day)were my biggest turn off.
    some of the boss battles were rock hard but not over challenging.
    worthy of a rental but pretty sure its only a tenna in sainsburys.

  3. I really enjoyed this. Enjoyable story line with a few twists made you want to see it through to the end. You could tailor your combos to your style of play. I made sure I had an easy combo to boost health and then some more complex damaging combos. They could have done a lot more with this system. If a sequel came along I would jump on it.I may just give it another play through and go for all the collectibles this time

    • Sorry missed the main point. Buy it! Or not with PS+. Yay!

  4. This was one of those titles that was in my Amazon basket since it released, but never got around justifying the purchase. But I’m glad it is now coming on Plus :D

    (nope, not a review)

  5. Was always interested in picking this since the reveal trailer but my wallet interjected, so i’m extremely happy this has arrived on PS Plus. My €50 has gone a long way so far and I only jumped on the plus bandwagon in July.

  6. I love the art of the game and it features some of the best musical scores of recent years.
    The gameplay is interesting but becomes a little repetitive over the course of the game. Once the larger combos have been unlocked I just switched between my high damage combos, a health restoring combo and a special move cooldown combo.
    The story was above average I’d say but nothing too memorable. There was a nice build up to the final act, which I quite enjoyed.

    The game definitely has its flaws but not enough to warrant anybody to avoid it completely.
    Considering this is a debut game of a development studio, I’d say they did a pretty good job. I’d love a more polished follow up (doesn’t have to be a sequel) so in order for that to happen I urge you to BUY THIS GAME.
    Hopefully Capcom sees the studio’s potential and gives them another chance to prove their skill!

  7. Really enjoyed playing it, one of the few games I pre-ordered. Really hope there is a next gen sequel, it looked fantastic on PS3. Get on PS+ (or bargin bin)

  8. Buy It! I have really enjoyed my time in the world of Neo Paris. The game reminds of when someone who wants to make an artsy game gets a big budget to give it a good go and threw in tons of character and charm and took what we normally celebrate in an arty game and then just didn’t water it down. The combat system has flaws but its unique and different and utterly uncompromising for better and worse. We celebrate that in an indie game and this reminds me of an indie title that got the cash! Quite often I just watch the world go by and get sucked into the adverts for sharing my memories. I found the setting fascinating and I won’t spoil it a bit. I hope the story and setting is picked up for a sequel which irons out some problems and gives me more memory remixes. That would make it an absolute stonker.

  9. Just picked it up via PS+, having played the old waiting game, I’m really regretting not buying it earlier. Not due to the gorgeous graphics, innovative game play & intriguing storyline, but for not supporting a new studio that have put out what is clearly a real labour of love in such a competitive market.

    What KeRaSh & Sitorimon said above is spot on and I really would like to see a remixed packed/sequel.

    BUY IT!

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