New Pokémon Game Teased

Pokémon producer and CEO of the Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara recently announced that a new Pokémon game starring everyone’s favourite rodent, Pikachu, is in development – and today the first details of that game have been shown.

Japanese TV channel NHK are to broadcast a behind-the-scenes program entitled “Professional Style Of Work” later his month, and a newly released snippet of the show has given us a first look at things to come.


Not much is shown in the short trailer, although the shot of someone holding a magnifying glass towards a 3D Pikachu in white space may indicate some sort of AR functionality, whatever this becomes. That scene also clearly shows a 3DS display, although if this is AR, I suspect it to be a companion to, or feature of, a wider product – perhaps a fully-fledged Wii U title?

[drop]The video also displays various shots of Pokémon paraphernalia from the ages – trading cards, plush toys and NFC figures. All of these, whilst interesting, are not nearly as note-worthy as the later look at a brad new motion-captured Pikachu, which is, quite frankly, terrifying.

Ishohara has previously said the game will put Pikachu front and centre, and is to feature a boy who takes on the world, using ‘playfulness’ as a weapon.

The NHK broadcast will mark the first time an in-development Pokémon title has been shown to the general public ahead of release.

Source: Silicon Era



  1. I know someone from TSA Staff would probably suggest it’s a new Pokemon Stadium game :P

  2. That…..that picture….

    It gets creepier the more you look at it..

    “I know all your secrets…and my silence will cost you.”

  3. They really could have picked a better shot to show couldn’t they.

  4. Judging by that picture I’d say it’s a science simulation that simulates a Pokemon’s behavior under the influence of pot…

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