News Snatch: Trine 2 On PS4, X Rebirth, Jacob Jones And Ninja Gaiden

Aww look at likkle Lego Thor! So cute! Yes, it’s the launch trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Hats off ladies and gentlemen, we bid a sad farewell to the original Wii. Production of the console has ceased in Japan, but it will continue to warm shelves both here in Europe and the U.S.A.


Trine 2 has been listed for PlayStation 4.

The second instalment of episodic PS Vita puzzler Jacob Jones is on the way, Lucid Games have tweeted they are recording new voice overs right now.

Knights vs. Vikings game, CastleStorm, is coming to PS3 and PS Vita next month. The game, currently available for Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, and will be cross-buy saving you lots of pennies.

It’s the making of that rather nifty #4ThePlayers short film.

Time for some PC spacey goodness, first up a Star Citizen video “rendered 100% in-engine in real time at 4k resolution.”

Whilst this is the trailer for X Rebirth, forthcoming from Deep Silver.

Killzone Shadow Fall can handle twenty-four enemies on screen at once, anymore than that and the frame rate would start to drop. That means there will not be anymore than twenty-four enemies on screen, rather than than Guerilla have used 25 enemies and are happy with frame drops.

Yet another trailer for Battlefield 4.

The SEN Store has been optimised for mobile phones so you can now load up your PS Plus goodness whilst on the bus.

And now a trailer for a game which I have never heard of, Magrunner: Dark Pulse, which is coming to PlayStation any moment now.

Hot on the heels of their rather fab PS Vita offer, Argos are offering the 2DS and two games for £99.

And Finally a trailer for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z which has more blood in twenty seconds than an entire Tarantino film. It also has a move called “Executed Pants” and if that’s not a reason to buy a game I don’t know what is.



  1. There’s a Magrunner demo on the US store, i tried it last night. It’s a puzzle game similar to Portal, but uses magnetism instead of portals and you can magnetise objects (cubes, panels and platforms) in two polarities or neutral. I was actually hoping it would show up on the EU store today as i enjoyed how it got the old grey matter working.

    I enjoyed Trine 2, not as much as the first game but that might be because i got Trine 2 free with PS+. I might consider buying it for PS4 though.

    • It DID show up on the EU store today. Might have to try the demo because (a) it kind of looks a bit like Portal, which is always good, and (b) it appears to have a Cthulhu in, who’s always fun. Although not as woolly as the one sat on top of my bookcase.

      On the other hand, while it has magnets in, they seem to be designed just to annoy physicists. Opposite polarities repel each other?? That’s not how magnets work.

      So I just started downloading the PS+ stuff instead, which should keep me entertained for a week or two. (If you call watching them very slowly download “entertaining”)

      • Ah, it wasn’t mentioned in the store update on here so i assumed it wasn’t out yet. Depending on price i’ll probably pick it up.
        Lol, it didn’t occur to me that the magnetism was wrong but you are right of course! All the same though, i quickly got used to it’s flawed take on the laws of physics.

  2. Star Citizen looks stunning, I wonder if the gameplay will be as engaging as the trailer makes it out.

    • That’s what I was thinking; it looks great, but I’m unsure if the gameplay will stack up.

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