Star Citizen – Squadron 42’s New Trailer Stars A Ridiculous Wealth Of Acting Talent

The new trailer for Squadron 42, the single player campaign/game that’s spawning out of the long running and endlessly controversial development of Star Citizen, features what feels like half of all the actors in Hollywood. Seriously, every cut features a different actor that you’ll recognise, even if, like me, you struggle to pin the actual names on them.


This certainly feels like quite a tangible step forward for the game, which has been mired by delays and controversy throughout its development, mostly centred around the sheer amount of cash Chris Roberts’ studio have brought in from crowdfunding and funny-if-it-weren’t-depressing pre-purchases of ridiculously expensive in game starships. I mean, there was this $72,000 Legatus Pack, which you had to have spent $1,000 to even view…

But there’s no denying that the graphics showcased in the trailer above are phenomenal. The cinematography and lighting are top notch, and the way they’ve reproduced actors in game is wonderful. It’s another good step forward over the story trailer from last year.

Source: YouTube

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  1. By nice if there was a game to go with the movie.

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