Star Citizen’s Legatus Pack Costs $27,000

Since 2012 Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games has managed to raise over $186,774,004 through crowdfunding with funds being used towards the development of Star Citizen as well as the spin-off Squadron 42. Considering the amount of time and money invested into the project there has been concern regarding how much longer it will take for Star Citizen to reach full release, with some backers requesting refunds. However, this isn’t deterring Cloud Imperium Games, and now the studio has released what has to be the most expensive gaming DLC pack ever.

The Legatus Pack will feature 117 ships, 163 items including skins, fuel pods, and service equipment. It doesn’t come cheap though as the pack costs $27,000. That’s if you’ve spent enough to even view the page as the buy-in requirement for that is having spent $1000 plus on Star Citizen. Who knows how popular this will prove sales wise, but it’ll definitely raise some eyebrows.

Source: MMOPulse

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  1. That’s pretty mental! It eclipses that £125,000 copy of Grid 2 with a £124,000 BAC Mono, in which you at least got a car! Haha, ‘in which’, silly me. Can anyone remember any other silly special editions?

  2. Bargain…. I’ll have two!

    The price is ridiculous. Even if I was earning the same as Lewis Hamilton (around $/£ 40,000,000) I would still think it’s ridiculous.

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