WeView Verdict: Remember Me

Even though Remember Me was made free for all PlayStation Plus members on Wednesday there was sadly quite a low turn out for this week’s WeView.

I’ve managed to play the first hour or two of Remember Me since Wednesday, and I’m really impressed by the game so far. The memory remixing is an intriguing idea and the fast paced combat is enjoyable to play. The uninspiring voice acting is the only flaw so far.


That’s enough about my experience with the game, we’re here for your thoughts on Remember Me. Kicking off this week’s verdict article is InNodWeTrust, who picked the game up on launch day “as it looked very different from the norm”. However, after playing Remember Me his “interest in it waivered”.

Wonkey-Willy also wasn’t that impressed with the game, saying that “although flawed it still had playability”. They weren’t a fan of the “annoying camera angles” or the “quirky combo system”, labelling them as the “biggest turnoff(s)” of Remember Me.

Thankfully Tarbun84 was on hand to lighten up the mood saying that Remember Me had an “enjoyable story line with a few twists made you want to see it through to the end”. Although they liked the combo system, which allowed you to tailor your own combos, they felt that “they could have done a lot more with this system”. Despite this, Tarbun84 would jump on a sequel if one was announced.

KeRash was another fan of Remember Me. They loved the “art of the game” and felt that it had one of “the best musical scores of recent years”. However, the gameplay became “a little repetitive” and even though “the story was above average” it was “nothing too memorable”.

Sitorimon loved his time in Neo-Paris finding the setting “fascinating”. He said “the combat system has flaws but its unique and different and utterly uncompromising for better and worse”, but went on to argue that “we celebrate that in an indie game”. He leaves us with his hopes that “the story and setting is picked up for a sequel which irons out some problems and gives me more memory remixes”.

We end with Tuffcub’s comment which is wonderfully straight to the point:

Really enjoyed playing it, one of the few games I pre-ordered. Really hope there is a next-gen sequel, it looked fantastic on PS3.

Only 6 of you voted this week. There was a single vote for Rent It, 2 votes for Bargain Bin It, and 3 votes for Buy It.

Remember Me is certainly worthy of a play through, although it seems the game is not for everyone. It’s free on PS Plus at the moment, and Wonkey-willy informs us that the game is only £10 at Sainsbury’s.



  1. Doh, I must have missed the cutoff but only stayed playing it briefly over the weekend!

  2. Played it briefly over the weekend and found it’s combat less annoying than Revengence.

  3. I knew I’d forgotten to do something! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, bought it on launch day and it was the first game since Deus Ex HR that I couldn’t put down. Literally from the moment it downloaded til about 8 hours later all I did was play this through to finish, it had me insanely hooked! Granted, it’s not the best game ever and the memory remix bits were a bit hit and miss for me, but the combat was fun, the setting was memorable and the music was incredible. Plus I found Nilin to be a great lead too. It’s a shame that it was quite a linear game, could have done with having more open areas but still definitely worth playing, and I really hope they get the chance to make a second game

  4. Must have missed the weview for this one… I did buy this as soon as it came out, played it for a few hours and had to put it down because of work then struggled like hell to get back into it after a few days of not playing it.

    Infuriating combat in some sections, the ones that you had to hit the light to reveal the baddies, while batting the wall crawling ones at the same time trying to remember what combo’s I had set up.

  5. wouldn’t it have been better to have this WeView a little longer after it had been available on PS+

    I’ve played a few hours of it but don’t feel I’ve seen enough of it to contribute constructively

  6. I am only a few hours in the game and I have to say that I can’t not understand so many reviews saying that the game is mediocre. I love the style and the universe and her bump, gameplay is just OK but I am enjoying the first gameplay.

  7. I didn’t expect much from Remember Me but decided to give it a rent anyway and it ended up pleasantly surprising me. The art style is right up my alley, the personalised combos are a lot of fun to mess around with as you tailor them to different enemies and the memory remixing is a great idea that was sadly underused. It’s also a pretty easy platinum for those of you who care about that sort of thing.

  8. I don’t think i’ll ever get time to play this game. Bought a retail copy in august and it was still sealed when i sold it last week. Downloaded it off PS plus and it’s currently 13th in the queue of PS plus games I still need to play. Started playing GTA V at the weekend – probably my last game before the PS4 arrives at the end of November along with AC4, Killzone and Knack. There’s just no chance. I think it looks great too but I just haven’t got the time. Would it be wrong if I suddenly got the flu and caught up on the backlog? Hmmm…

    • There are a lot of bugs going round this time of year…

  9. As i missed the weview i’ll just offer my two cents.. I loved everything about the game except the combat – which is a shame as that will probably stop me from ever completing it.

  10. Finished it last night, corking game & one I might actually go back to as it is wonderful to look at.

    If I see a physical copy somewhere, I’ll pick it up as it’s definitely a keeper!

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