Is Naughty Dog’s Next Game Savage Starlight?

Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond and Robert Cogburn have been hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), and in it they may be teasing the next location of their as yet unannounced PS4 title. The next game could be in Space, the final frontier, and it may be linked to the Savage Starlight comic found in The Last Of Us.

The biggest tease of this comes from Justin Richmond who in response to a fan question asking about a theoretical game in space says, “If only the Starlight wasn’t so Savage.”

Follow this with the website of which is registered to Eric Hayashi, the Senior Staff Technical from Uncharted 3, and you have something that could be a good starting point for a case that this will be Naughty Dog’s next IP.

This wouldn’t be the first time Naughty Dog left hints of their next project in one of their games with a reference to The Last Of Us being present in Uncharted 3. Plus with a foundation that has already built with the Savage Starlight comic, there could be a story ready to be adapted for a game.

Maybe we’ll find out at the PS4 All Access where more games will be announced.

Source: Reddit/Whois/SavageStarlight



  1. That would be epic ND take on mass effect imagine

  2. If the last two (or is it three?) ND games are anything to go by, we’ll just have to wait until the Video Game Announcements to know.

  3. Naughty Dog could make a My Little Pony game be Game of the Year. Really looking forward to their announcement.

  4. To me savage starlight sounds like a satire of a star wars/sci-fi action game.

  5. From the poster it looks more like a bad 80’s sci fi movie, but if Naughty Dog are involve then it’s
    got to be worthy of consideration, personally I would prefer a good space sim rather than a Mass
    Effect clone. but with Naughty Dog involved, whatever it turns out to be it’s bound to be good.

  6. Nope it isnt :)

  7. I don’t care what they do or use for next ND game. It’s automatic buy. Even if it’s an ironing simulator I’ll buy it.

  8. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this.

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