Velocity Ultra Heading To PC

It was recently announced that Curve Studios are porting Futurlab’s incredible Vita shooter Velocity Ultra to PS3, and that, coupled with the forthcoming Velocity 2X on PS4 and Vita would, you’d think, be enough Luxury Fun for anyone – but apparently not.

You’ve been asking, and it’s been delivered – Velocity Ultra is also coming to PC.


Curve are once again heading up the Steam version of the game, which will have all the features of its PS3 and PS Vita counterparts, as well as configurable mouse/keyboard controls and Steam specific additions, such as steamworks leaderboards and the newly introduced trading cards system.

Futurlab’s James Marsden said the studio are “working very closely with Curve to make sure the PC edition has as much love and care put into it as the PlayStation versions, to make sure we develop a version of the game worthy of the Velocity name.”

Today’s announcement also reiterates the indie studio’s love for Sony, and clarifies it’s unlikely that the Velocity IP will ever branch out further (for example to Xbox), as it would “damage the relationship that both FuturLab and PlayStation have worked hard to develop over the last few years.”

Although an official release schedule has yet to be announced, Velocity Ultra is due to arrive on Steam sometime before the new year.

Source: Press Release


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  1. What a fascinating comment about the relationship they share with Sony. Good for them. Whatever works, to be honest. I’m just surprised, in a good way, to the commitment. Wonderful to read.

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