PSN’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Includes Saints Row IV & Velocity Ultra


PSN’s 12 Deals Of Xmas has once again updated, and this time Saints Row IV & Velocity Ultra sit at a discounted price for 48 hours.

Saints Row 4 (PS3)
Was €59.99/AU$89.95/£49.99
Now: €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99

Velocity Ultra (PS Vita)
Was €7.99/AU$11.75/£6.49
Now: €2.99/AU$4.35/£2.39

As always, both titles offer an additional 10% discount to PS Plus subscribers.

Those in the UK can also rent After Earth for 99p/£1.99, whereas those in Australia & France get G.I. Joe: Retaliation, our friends in Germany get Man of Steel, Italians can pick up The Great Gatsby and finally those in sunny Spain get My Best Friend’s Wedding. Phew.

Half way through these deals now – what’ve you picked up so far?

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Not really considering any of these. Already got Ultra and wasn’t overly impressed with Saints Row 3 which I assume is very familiar with SR 4.

  2. Will pick up Velocity Ultra as that’s almost giving it away :)

  3. It’s a shame all other PSN sales seemed to have stopped because of this 12 days offer. There isn’t exactly gripping games at gripping prices aside from the odd indie game like Velocity (which I own). I do prefer a Steam like sale though, something with tons of games at lots of varying prices for a nice selection. Don’t suppose there will be any interesting January sales for the PS Store.

  4. Nowt for me again!

  5. I just bought Velocity Ultra !
    I don’t even own a Vita yet. It is on it’s way for Christmas. But I want this game !!!

  6. Just rented After Earth in HD, hope it’s good.

    • keep hoping :/

      awful film.

    • What you should have done is take that £1.99 in 1p coins and tried to force them one by one behind your eyeballs. That would still provide greater viewing pleasure than After Earth …

  7. I’ve had £2.38 sat on my account for a year or more, since TSA gave me a £20 voucher actually, I think Velocity is a good hustification to spend a fiver just to get that extra penny credit! Oh and if anyone needs an opinion about After Earth, here’s one… Pants.

  8. Spain get ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’.

    As if they weren’t suffering enough…

    • Could be worse, they could have got After Earth …

  9. Halfway through the sale and I’ve bought nothing so far…

    I own all the Vita games offered so far and nothing I wanted popped up in the PS3 sales yet either.

  10. I’ve just bought Velocity; I played the demo and it was pretty good plus I had some money left in my wallet after picking up Hotline Miami in the cross buy sale earlier in the year (meaning I got Hotline Miami and Velocity for less than a fiver!)

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