Watch Dogs 2 Is Sony’s Penultimate Deal Of Christmas

Friday will see the last of the 12 Deals of Christmas going live on the EU PlayStation Store, but there’s a cracking good game to consider before we get there, as Watch Dogs 2 has been made the 11th deal. The Deluxe Edition of the game is down to £29.99, while the Gold Edition that includes the season pass can be had for £64.99.

That’s a pretty good price, but as always, it’s only roughly comparable to the best prices for a physical copy of the game – Amazon and Game both currently have it for £27.99.


You’re also slowly but surely running out of time to pick up deals in the PlayStation Plus exclusive deals and the Buy One Get One Free offers. Both of these promotions run until the 23rd.

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  1. So £65 for the “gold” edition that includes the game (on sale for £30) and the season pass (normal price, £30).

    Technically, that “gold” edition is still some sort of deal, just a very crap one.

  2. Yeah, but it’s “gold”. Is that not worth a fiver.

    • Ah, so it’s just “slap the word gold on it and save people having to buy 2 things and they’ll hand over an extra fiver because it says it’s the gold edition” then?

      Weirdly, if you go back to pre-PS4 days, “platinum”, which should be better than “gold”, would save you much more than a fiver.

      I’m just waiting for someone to start using random metals and charging even more. £20 extra for a “vanadium edition” which includes a season pass and a really fancy single-use hat that explodes once you wear it. (I’m not saying vanadium is a particularly expensive or fancy metal, it’s just my favourite element. And yes, it’s a bit sad that I have a favourite element ;)

  3. Good deal! Just bought mine. Digital copies are vastly preferable to me, I’m willing to pay more for digital, even when I know it should cost less.

    • i’m the exact opposite.
      i’d pay more for a physical copy, which by extension means a downloaded version has to be cheaper if i’m gonna buy it.

      and it’s not because of trade in value, because honestly, i can’t remember the last game i actually traded in, it’s been years.

      it’s more having my purchase to hand rather than on some server somewhere that will get shut down at some point in the future and there goes my game.

      and i have a bit of history with sony and the digital content they’ve sold.
      and then made impossible to access, unless you’ve got it all downloaded already.
      personally i consider it theft, from a moral standpoint if probably not a legal one.

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