Knack’s Quest Companion App Now Available For iOS

Sony seem to be going big with PlayStation companion apps this year, with Knack and the upcoming Ratchet & Clank game to both feature mobile counterparts, offering rewards for you to take into the full game.

It makes sense, really – it promotes the game and adds in a little bonus for anyone with a smartphone or tablet (though not Vita, unfortunately) through a fun and rewarding game.


So, over a week from the US PS4 launch and around three from the UK release, Sony have released Knack’s Quest, which is quite like Bejeweled, though instead of gems you’ll collect parts to make the in-app Knack grow stronger.

It actually looks quite nicely designed, and works for the most part, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see what it offers for the main game.

You can download the game – for free – with this handy link.



  1. why on earth do apps come out on itunes 1st when android dominate the market at about 80%

    • There must be a good reason. Easier to develop for due to standardisation of hardware maybe? I’m sure I see more people with iPhone’s then Android’s

    • Tarbun is spot on. A closed system makes it easier to develop for. Also, many developers looking for an initial price to be paid for purchase (as oppose to free-to-play) usually look to the likes of iTunes as Apple users are quicker to part with their cash for games, apps, etc..

    • I understand the anger myself. I only buy Sony now, they only make android phones so at least make a compatible version for their phones 1st.

  2. Just downloaded. Rip off of Candy Crush, Bejewled etc etc. Still quite fun but nothing special

  3. Cool, it works on my old iphone 3GS. Hopefully the R&C app will too.

  4. Hopefully they’ll release an Android version soon after and not leave it until everyone is finished with the game, like Rockstar did..

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