Check Out The Oddworld: New N’ Tasty Trailer

Just Add Water has had its trailer for the entirely revamped remake of Oddworld Inhabitant’s seminal platformer featured on the PlayStation Blog. This new trailer (made with the input of a couple of former TSA-ers) shows off the story while basking in the glory of those gorgeous new visuals.


There’s no firm release date yet – just a spring 2014 window – but we do know it’s coming to PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4. If you want more details, keep your eyes on TSA or visit their shiny new official website.



  1. /goosebumps

  2. Oh Abe, je t’aime!

  3. Follow me !

  4. Happy days :)

  5. I’m so happy Abe’s back! One of my favourite franchises and characters of all time. Looks gorgeous too. JAW appear to have done a great job.

    • Same here. Saw this pop up in my Youtube feed last night since I’m subscribed to Oddworld Inhabitants.
      I’m so glad JAW revitalized one of my favorite franchises and they are doing a stellar job, too!

  6. Still got the one from PS+ to play through.

  7. Top stuff, the Oddworld series have been ace on PS3 and this game looks like it’ll be of the same high calibre, nice and shiny!

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