Jimmy Fallon Plays PS4


Jimmy Fallon invited Dr. Richard Marks and the PlayStation 4 on to his show last night and gave the augmented reality game The Playroom a good kicking – quite literally.

The clip begins with Jimmy taking a close look at the controller before Dr. Marks releases the robots and chaos ensues.

Source: YouTube



  1. That’s a wire funny clip. I know the kids are gonna love it. I think it will fun for a hour.

  2. IceT kicking the robot into the screen must be pure gold PR for sony.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Not just that but it was bloody funny. :-)

      • Made me giggle too, even though I’ve seen it before.

  3. I hope there’s a trailer with the preinstalled playroom to show everyone just how cool it can be! I think Pong might end up being the most competitive game in our house!

  4. This looks so much more fun than I thought it would be. Like b2thaza said Pong is going to get pretty competitive in our house too!

  5. that was hilarious.
    Ice T was having way too much fun kicking those little things. ^_^

  6. Looks really cool but probably doesn’t have a lot of replayability unless you are a kid. It’s free so there’s absolutely nothing to complain about.
    I didn’t think it would work a well as it does. I might pick one up at some point.

  7. That is so cool when they are inside the controller too!

  8. Great PR for Sony there. They could have shown off a “proper” game instead, or demonstrate how you can have a game and a film going at the same time and not pay proper attention to either.

    But no, show off something cute and fun. And kind of technically quite impressive. To people who aren’t necessarily going to have been paying much attention to the new consoles. Fun things that get a laugh from an audience that aren’t going to be impressed by another FPS game.

    I almost feel sorry for MS now. A week from the XBone launch, and they’re still not having any luck selling the thing to anyone at all.

    • I think MS will be smiling when they see the stories about PS4’s not working.

      • Is that a widespread problem then? I’ve seen stories of 1 or 2 having problems.

        Obviously there are going to be a lot more reports of PS4s being dead on arrival. It happens. Even if 0.1% of them failed (a reasonable rate most companies would be happy with), that’s 1000 dead PS4s from the first million sold. (And if it’s like the PS3, Sony send someone the next day with a replacement to swap the dead one with)

        Seems like some people are starting to try and turn it into an issue already though.

    • I don’t feel sorry for either. Both consoles are selling (read: pre-ordering) like hotcakes although it’s a far more level playing field this time around, which I prefer.

      The rumours and half-truths will finally be dealt with over the coming weeks (pre-order numbers, console failure rate, etc) so that’ll be the real test, I feel.

  9. I WILL RESIST. The urge to get a camera after that demo is pressing hard on my wallet right now but, after false dawns for PS2 and PS3 cameras (EyePet showed promise but the difficulty spiked at point and controls were tricky) I’m going to hold off on the latest camera until I’m sure that it really is going to be used for more than a couple of casual games and what is essentially a tech demo.

    I agree with others that Ice T kicking a robot in to the screen is pretty cool.

  10. I got the mega Killzone bundle, so mine comes with it. To be honest I wasn’t fussed and probably wont be after a while of giving a go. But, from what I’ve seen recently with the in camera streaming, freelook in games like BF4, and the voice commands to open games and apps, I think I will actually use it.

    I just hope Sony get devs to use it more in the future.

    • Oooh, Freelook with the camera & BF4??? What have I missed?

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