The Last Of Us Left Behind Story DLC Detailed And Trailered

Speaking at the PlayStation All Access event, Naughty Dog teased the new story DLC pack for The Last of Us, which focuses on Ellie and her friend Riley, taking her “an adventure that’s going to change her life forever”.


The plot of this DLC was already mentioned in-game, as Ellie spoke of challenges her and Riley faced. That might spoil the DLC, and the game if we mention it here, but it certainly sounds like a departure and a good dose of backstory for Ellie, which wasn’t developed as much in the single player story.

It will release next year, and there were no other big details beyond the trailer.



  1. Yeah, is a bit odd since we kinda know what happens. But, it’s more of TLoU so I’m pretty damn excited for it, even if I do have to wait until next year :(

  2. Left Behind looks very promising. Naughty Dog can nail atmosphere and The Last of Us was wonderful. Consider me invested 100%.

  3. Next year? :(

  4. Looks like the graphic novel I’m getting for Christmas will be a waste of time…

  5. Seems to tie in with the Dark Horse comics.

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