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Terraria is one of those games which I’ve been contemplating purchasing for quite some time. The game has received some wonderful reviews across all platforms, and it’s on sale on Steam as much as sofas are at DFS. It is really a mystery to why I’m yet to play it.

With its retro feel and emphasis on exploration Terraria will remind no doubt remind you of a side scrolling Minecraft. Although initially releasing on the PC in 2011, Terraria, has since worked its way to PSN (including an eventual PS Vita port), XBL and mobile devices, scoring an impressive 81 on Metacritic.

Aran reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it an 8. He was a fan of the huge sense of scale and exploration to the game saying that “even a medium sized map will take hours to explore”.

The crafting side to the game was also diverse, and “actually very easy to get the hang of”. At times Terraria has a hint of survival. During the night “creatures such as Zombies and Demon Eyes come out with the sole purpose of killing you and if you’re not near shelter then Terraria becomes a game of survival”.

Terraria also includes some RPG elements such as boss battles which “provide some of the toughest gameplay you will experience”. You’ll also stumble across NPCs with the vast majority of them there to help you.

Aran concluded in his review:

Terraria is a simple game that is hard to master, and one that can easily consume your time. The only stories here are the ones you create, either by yourself or with others, and there’s a chance to construct some real masterpieces.

Now it’s over to you. What did you think of Terraria? And on which system did you prefer it on? Pop down your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Get your thoughts in by Sunday evening and we’ll collate them in Monday’s verdict article.


  1. it’s a good game, lots of hours of gameplay in there if you just aim to build yourself up to defeating the bosses.
    if you play it as a sandbox world to unleash your creativity, it can be almost endless.

    there aren’t as many building options as there are with a 3d game like Minecraft, due to it’s 2d nature, but i’ve seen some creative people come up with same frankly quite amazing builds.

    it’s easier for a beginner to get into than Minecraft, the pc version of Minecraft anyway, you don’t need to know any of the recipes.

    it’s also more of an actual game than Minecraft, with actual goals and objectives you need to achieve.

    controls are a bit of an issue for the console versions though.
    that’s not to say they’re bad, but they’re definitely more fiddly than pc.

    i’d say buy it, but if you can, get the pc version, if only for the mouse and keyboard controls.
    other than that the games are pretty much identical.

    the console versions did have an advantage, as far as content goes, over the pc version, but i think the recent 1.2 update brought most of the console additions to pc.

  2. Absolutely love it. So much to see do and explore which is sadly lacking in so many titles lately.

    Buy it!

  3. Read a few reviews on this and i bought it as soon as it hit the store.It has well been worth it and i’ve spent hours just messing about on it.To date i still haven’t a clue what the main objective is but it doesn’t really matter as there is so much to see and do.Definitely a BUY IT.

  4. I paid £1.50 for this in the summer steam sale. Possibly the best “Bang for your buck” value I’ve ever had in my nearly 30 years of gaming.

    Despite the 2D nature of the game, the character and enemy design is clear and well thought out. With a good mix of flying/jumping and even tunneling things to keep you on your toes. It just means that no matter which part of the environment you’re in, you never feel completely safe.

    Use of lighting was very clever in a game that you spend most of your time underground. liberal use of torches light your way, but break open the wrong brick and you might flood your well built tunnels, causing your torches to be extinguished and washed away, leaving you stood in the dark wondering what might be sneaking up on you…

    Music design was most enjoyable. I spent many happy hours playing, but I never once found the music to be annoying. It changes dynamically with the monsters, time of day, and environment you’re in. I often find myself humming a few snippets of it :P

    Definatley buy it. If you see it for £1.50 again, you shouldn’t even have to think about it. Before you do though: Make sure you tell your friends and loved ones where you are, and that you love them very much. Because there’s a good chance you wont be seeing any of them again for a while…

    • Oh and just to add: the multiplayer was a lot of fun, if only it’s because you have an extra person to hold the torch :P Communities have been digging holes in the ground for thousands of years. And now it turns out digging a digital ditch with a friend is actually much more fun than it sounds.

  5. Pixels. Meh. Avoid.

    • My initial reaction as well.

      But the formula is the same as Tetris. Humans love to build stuff, humans also love to destroy stuff. So if you can make a game where you destroy AND build, you will make a fortune.

      Terraria lets you destroy AND build AND kill stuff. It is to humans what those blue light thingies are to flies.

    • you know, technically every game is made up of pixels, some are just bigger than others.

  6. This is based on the android version played on a tablet.

    The game has a sort of progression in that different “biomes” are harder than the previous ones and gives out better rewards. Unfortunately the random layout and lack of in game hinting you’ll be left guessing what you’re supposed to do unless you consult a guide for a hint.

    The controls are ok although the occasional pressing of the wrong button can have fatal consequences. Fortunately death is less than permanent.

    The biggest pain point is how the limited inventory (that’s ok) forces you to store stuff in chests, but the chests themselves have limited space so you’ll need multiples if you plan on stocking up on materials for building your perfect home base. Keeping track of what is stored in which chest is a chore and should be changed.

    Digging is fun. Building stuff is fun. Killing stuff is fun.

    This game will steal hours of your life, make you lose sleep and make your fingertips sore. It is too addictive and you should AVOID IT if you value your social life.

  7. BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! I think the game is great on both PC and console. The PC has recently had an update that added a load of content, but that is on it’s way to consoles as well.

    I gave it a 9/10 in my review. It’s only real “issue” is that a very sandboxy game. Without a clear objective, many gamers lose interest.

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