Tearaway Demo Available Now, Here’s The Launch Trailer

Hey, Tearaway’s out today. We reviewed it, scoring it 9/10 and describing it as “the kind of game that the PS Vita has demanded since launch” and a “delight at every turn”.

If that or the £19.99 price point didn’t convince you to buy the game, then there’s a trial version available on the PlayStation Store now.

And there’s also a “special” launch trailer below, and we agree with that sentiment very much.

See, it’s really nice. Have you picked up Tearaway? If so, what do you think so far?

Source: PS Blog


  1. Only played through the demo so far, seems superb will probably cave and buy it, but might go for a physical copy.

    • Couldn’t be bothered waiting so grabbed it off PSN.. Just gets better and better cracking little game, really enjoyable and just makes you smile.

  2. Lovely, I wasn’t expecting a demo but i’ll definitely try it out while i wait to pick up the game.

  3. I’ve been playing this game. Very good is an under estimation. Shame I won’t have much time to play it.

  4. Easily one of the best games on Vita (hell, one of the best games this year), it’s charm is on another level and so incredibly well put together.

  5. I haven’t played it but I have noticed that its an incredibly cheap £19.99 absolutely everywhere! Whichever Sony person managed to persuade everyone to sell it at the same good price deserve a Heston Christmas Pudding for their efforts.

  6. Wow, played the demo and brought the game from the experience.

    Now if others would take note of how to get gamers interested in your game. Offer a decent size demo on day one and people will try it.

  7. Will download now! Not seen anything to interest me yet, but keen to give it a go after the good response.

    • Wow, I’m actually really liking the demo. I may purchase this.

  8. Wow is a good game. Has a few issues but is an amazing fun game!

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