WeView Verdict: Tearaway

What a charming little game we have here. Tearaway seems to have captured the hearts of the TSA community when it released last November. Or, around twenty of you at least.

We’ll start of with the last comment – just to spice things up this week – which was colmshan1990 saying “Not often you get to play a game which is both an exhibition in gameplay and a joy to take part in.”

That’s very true, and perhaps contributed to Tearaway releasing much later than the Vita, though still feeling like a launch title due to its system-focused features such as touch controls and camera use.

Taylor Made hadn’t made his mind up about Tearaway at the time of writing, but said “it is very enjoyable, the neat tricks they did with the vita was brilliant”, agreeing with Colm. “It’s so well made that most will enjoy this” said Lieutenant Fatman, despite saying that the target audience was clearly children.

Rob_b however said that it was “a very simple game that relies on its looks and quirkyness” and that it gets a bit repetitive, while ron_mcphatty said that it was “quite easy and very forgiving”. Despite this, it seems as though they both quite enjoyed the game.

“The level where you charge about on the pig was so much fun it should be a game on its own” said simplebob. That makes me think of Hog Wild in Crash Bandicoot – there are always those levels which just really bring some new mechanics into the gameplay and work brilliantly, and riding the pig in Tearaway is definitely one of them.

Suitably gory Avenger commented with “Anyone who says this is a children’s game should be force fed their insides; Tearaway’s joy is for everyone.” while dirtiestturnip “wanted to tell the whole world about it.” Well, still not quite there, but TSA’s readership is a good start. Oh yeah, here’s the words: “It made me smile lots of times, and I love how you feature in the game using the camera on the vita.”

Tuffcub’s been getting odd looks from people again, but this time it’s because his face was appearing in the sun in Tearaway. “Camera is a little niggly and it’s a bit repetitive, but very charming and sweet.” he said, while admitting that he only bought it after it won all of those BAFTAs. The shame!

“From what I played it was probably the best use of the vita’s screens touch pads and camera” said wonkey-willy, but his daughter hasn’t been able to put it down since he bought it, meaning he’s only had 30 minutes himself! “What it does well is bring out that inner child” said MrYd, who found the game suitably “cute and charming”.

In a bold statement, XisTG said “Forget LBP, this should have been the game that made MM famous.” while Andrewww agreed, saying that he liked it better than LittleBigPlanet too. “It was cheap enough at release.” said DividSmythe, pointing out the cut-down price point.

AshW92 gave a really good verdict, which echoed many people’s thoughts:

It is, to date, the best game I have played on the Vita and I loved every moment of it. I made the same mistake I did with LittleBigPlanet and let its cutesy visuals lull me into thinking it would be simple and aimed at children. I can’t believe I made that mistake again.

Ah, just lovely. I think you can guess what the Verdict will be this week. That’s right – seventeen votes for Buy It and just one for Bargain Bin It. New addition Plus It didn’t really get a look in, and everyone avoided Avoid It. So, in the words of the almighty Teflon: “Just go and Buy It, already!”

Somewhere, Tony Cawley is crying with joy right now. His beloved Warframe is up tomorrow (should be fun to create a rating system for that!) which means that the new addition to the poll is The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. That one might be fun.


  1. Cracking game, good to see it was almost universally adored!

  2. i have had to resort to playing it late at night now.
    got my own profile and saves.
    super,super game a real gem! a must if you have a vita.

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