Sony Team Up With Channel 4 For PS4 Launch Campaign

We all remember March 30th 1997, when The Spice Girls launched Channel 5, don’t we? Just me? Well, anyway, it’s been a while since there’s been any sort of cross-promotional advertising on TV as good as that, but nonetheless Channel 4 and PlayStation have tried – teaming up to promote the PS4 ahead of its UK Launch.

The partnership launched on Channel 4 this past Friday, and will see a number of adverts and idents running across Channel 4’s broadcast and media platforms in the coming week.

Impressively, alongside 2-second blips and slightly longer teaser trails, ad agencies working on behalf of the TV station have teamed up with developers such as Killzone creators Guerrilla Games & Evolution Studios, makers of DriveClub, to create bespoke interstitials – those bits between programs which show the big Channel 4 logo – using the game engines themselves. These will be seen on-screen from Thursday 28th, going in to the machine’s launch weekend.

Chris Braithwaite, Agency Principal at Channel 4 said of the deal: “This is a really innovative partnership between two natural bedfellows, focusing on the visual power of both brands and asking our viewers to engage in a completely new way with advertising. We are very excited.”

Murray Pannell, Marketing Director at PlayStation said “Partnering with Channel 4 brings scale, creativity and innovation to our launch, adding another level to the ATL brand campaign and continuing to demonstrate that PS4 is for the players.”

The advertising campaign will culminate on Friday night when a number of competitions will launch to celebrate the console’s official release here in the UK. The live competition spots will run in the ad-breaks of key Channel 4 programming, continuing across the weekend, and viewers will be asked to ‘Crack the Code’ via a special website, and Twitter .

We’re told those playing along will be need to rewind from the second ad break to the first in Sunday night’s Homeland for example. Next-Gen adverts are here, and even more annoying than before.

Sunday night will also see Channel 4 broadcast the nostalgic For The Players Since 1995 short film, which recently appeared on the official PlayStation YouTube page.

Source: Press Release.


  1. Um, Channel 5 was launched in 1997, not 2007

    • I may have lost ten years somewhere – but I definitely didn’t spend it watching that video on repeat. Nope. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the power of 5. Honest.

      (Good though, wasn’t it?)

      • Would have been a bit tragic if The Spice Girls launched anything in 2007.

      • ‘Would have been a bit tragic if The Spice Girls’

        Fixed. No more context is necessary

  2. When I saw the headline I thought channel 4 would be showing a launch party but the ads, comps etc is a good way for Sony to promote the PS4.

  3. Nice, and the Homeland idea seems like a clever way to make people watch ads, presumably the puzzle will be reasonably difficult to work out.
    I watched Johnny Vaughan launch BBC3, it was utter shit and the channel hasn’t raised the bar much since then, this will be proven next month when I’ll be featuring very briefly in an Open University programme!

  4. Saw a PS4 ad over the weekend … can’t remember what I was watching.
    Was pleasantly surprised.
    Been overwhelmed with XB1 ads recently, but then again MS does have an enormous budget (pity they don’t spend more of their “every 5 minutes every channel” marketing budget on something I care more about … like games or something

  5. I was wondering how effective an advertising campaign would be for the PS4 but it is only a month till christmas and I’m sure sony will be restocking asap so it might be a clever move on sony’s part

  6. Tim Vine was the biggest surprise in that Channel 5 launch video!

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