WeView Verdict: Terraria

There was a promising, positive buzz regarding Terraria. Most of you loved the game, with it providing countless hours of exploration and enjoyment, but it wasn’t without a few flaws.

Hazelam was first to comment this week. They said Terraria was “a good game” with “lots of hours of gameplay” that can even be “almost endless”. Compared to Minecraft the creative options of Terraria were limited, due to it’s 2D nature, however Hazelam did go on to say “it’s easier for a beginner to get into than Minecraft”. They also recommended getting the PC version of the game as on consoles the controls were a “bit of an issue” and “fiddly”.

Calling Terraria the best ‘Bang for your buck’ was Nocure-fd who picked the game up in this Summer’s Steam Sale. They praised the “very clever” use of lighting in Terraria. Sometimes a little mistake could lead to all your “torches to be extinguished and washed away, leaving you stood in the dark wondering what might be sneaking up on you”.

They were also a fan of the music score that changes ” dynamically with the monsters, time of day, and environment you’re in”. Nocure-fd didn’t once find it annoying, instead they found themselves “humming a few snippets of it”.

CR8ZYHORSE who “to date still hasn’t a clue what the main objective is” has spent hours messing about on Terraria but explains that it “has been well worth it”. TSA’s own Craig Dodson thought the game was “great on both PC and console”. The only issue Terraria had for him was the lack of a “clear objective” which might lead to gamers losing interest.

Providing some insight into the mobile version of Terraria was Bladesteel. On a tablet the controls were “ok although the occasional pressing of the wrong button can have fatal consequences”. Their “biggest pain” with the game was the limited inventory which “forces you to store stuff in chests, but the chests themselves have limited space so you’ll need multiples”. Keeping track of what’s in which chest became a “chore”.

The final comment for this week comes from Matthangzou who was straight to the point:

Absolutely love it. So much to see, do and explore which is sadly lacking in so many titles lately.

Now it’s down to the votes. There were two Avoid It ratings, but one of those votes only counted if we valued our social lives. However, coming out on top this week was Buy It with five votes. So Terraria is well worth a go, and it’s even heading to PS Vita next month, although the PC version may be the best version to get.

WeView will be taking a week off as we enter the next generation, but we’ll be back with a new game next Tuesday.


  1. If you really like Terraria like I do, you should really check out playasteria.com. It’s taken the 2D Sandbox gaming to the next level!

  2. a quick update.

    i bought the Kindle version last night.
    i didn’t think the controls would be that great on a touch screen, but hey, it was £1.29 so i thought what the hell.

    and it turns out, they’re not awful.

    the virtual sticks are ok, though i’d like an option for then to stay in the same place and/or be permanently displayed.
    but they work ok, only a few blocks mistakenly mined in my first playthrough.

    having to push up to jump is a bit of an issue, especially if you want to keep jumping, you can’t just hold up, you have to slide your finger down and then back up again.
    however smaller jumps when moving up a hill are automatic so it’s not a huge problem.

    the best new feature for the touchscreen version is the ability to mine and place block directly by touch.
    the screen comes up with a handy grid and a magnified view above your finger so you can be accurate, not to mention see what you’re covering up with your finger.

    it’s not as good as using a mouse, if you touch a spot you immediately start to either remove or place blocks, there’s no way to hover over it without performing the action, like with a mouse.

    the lack of a way to quickly scroll through the objects on your hotbar is one minor gripe.

    i might have to give the Vita version a try if they can combine the touchscreen elements with proper physical controls.
    the touch screen controls are good for mining and building, but for the platforming a proper set of physical controls can’t be beat.

    i hope the Vita version has a demo.

    • Cheers for that Hazelam. I assume similar issues will be there for the android version.

      And I do find it funny that it’s this game, not a triple A title, that is pushing me towards finally splashing out for a Vita…

      • well the Kindle runs a version of the Android os so the Google play store version should be the same.

        and you could get a lot of play time out of Terraria, there are certainly worse games to buy a handheld for. ^_^

        personally, i can’t wait for Minecraft, but this could tide me over for a bit.

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