“How The Saints Save Christmas” Screens

Ho ho ho.

Deep Silver are about to release a pack of festive DLC for Saints Row IV, it will be free to those with a season pass or $6.99 (or equivalent) for everyone else.

The DLC finds Santa trapped in the Simulation and only the Saints can save the beardy one by wearing a selection of Christmas knitwear and batting Snowmen with machine guns.



  1. Damn it. I’m still trying to finish SR3 – want to plat it before I get the PS4… Now I have another reason to get this game. Ah well, will be something to play between PS4 games, until Watchdogs, Destiny, or The Division come out.

  2. Ha! Lovely Die Hard reference in the screengrabs.

  3. Sold. Think I’ll pick up the season pass which is still available on the store for £7.99. You get this and Enter the Dominatrix DLC which costs £5.49 on it’s own.

    Hopefully this will net me the ridiculous 40 hours in Steelport challenge and a shiny platinum trophy. Finished EVERYTHING in the game in 28 hours and couldn’t bring myself to leave it idle for 12 hours for a stupid trophy.

    Anyone know when this is out in the UK?

    • Probably sometime in the New Year. ;)

      • Duhhh. I was expecting a summer release haha

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