Microsoft Giving Free Game To Owners Of Broken Xbox Ones

With any launch relating to technology there will always be a tiny percentage of faulty or broken units. It happened when the PS4 launched almost two weeks ago in North America, with reports of broken HDMI ports, and it has happened with the Xbox One with broken disc drives.

Microsoft have responded to this problem by offering those with faulty Xbox Ones a free digital download of a Microsoft Studios published launch title, provided they are opting for advance exchange of their console. The full statement by Microsoft reads:

“The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers.  We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.

While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game. We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios.”

These games include Forza 5, Ryse: Son Of Rome, Zoo Tycoon or Dead Rising 3. According to the email received from Microsoft there isn’t a time limit on when this claim can be made.

Source: Microsoft PR


  1. Wow. Personally I don’t think they’ve got much right with this console but that’s great customer service.

  2. Offering a free game to those affected seems a decent gesture but what exactly is an “advance exchange program” and how does it differ from otherwise exchanging a faulty console?
    Perhaps it has something to do with many retailers not having enough stock to facilitate an exchange, so Microsoft will send one quicker directly, thus avoiding the risk of people exchanging at retail for something else?
    That’s my guess – anyone care to enlighten me? :)

    • I’m guessing it’s where you have to send off your console first?

      • The opposite I think. The send you the replacement console before your return the broken one

      • Well that’s pretty awesome. And makes more sense!

    • From what I’ve seen you give them your credit card details,they then send out a loan console and a cardboard coffin for your faulty system,they repair your console send it you back and pick up the loan console and refund your card,personally I’d prefer to get a brand new console from the store over a brand new machine that has had to undergo repair and is basically not new anymore.

      • Basically you have to give them the card details so they can charge you the price of a console so you can’t keep the loan console without paying as well as the one you’ve already purchased.

      • Pretty sure its actually £600 that is charged to your credit card. Bit strange considering the console is £400 odd.

        Still the free game offer is nice for those affected.

    • Thanks for the replies folks. I think i would prefer a new console rather than having to use a loaner for a while and then have to set everything up again when the original one is repaired.

  3. My Xbox One turned up with a faulty controller. I contacted Game opposed to Microsoft and Game are sending me a replacement console. Kind of wish I had contact Microsoft now

  4. This is the best thing they’ve done since announcing the X1. Makes Sony look bad for not offering anything for their faulty consoles. After all, it’s not the customers fault that they were unlucky enough to receive a dud – whether it’s within the ‘acceptable’ 1% of faulty units or not.

    • If I pick up my PS4 on Friday and there happens to be something wrong with it I wouldn’t expect to get something off Sony,it dosn’t happen with other consumer electronics and Microsoft will just be doing this to try and put themselves in a better light after all the stuff in recent months,including ignoring customers and removing posts on there forums regarding those customers faulty consoles.

  5. If you look on some forums where MS have actually charged $600 to some customers with faulty consoles then they get sent out a console i think it was something to do with some sort of insurance so Microsoft dont get scammed.

    Also there is a fix for faulty disc drives on the xbox one… Yes you guessed it turn it upside down and give it a few whacks!!!


    I will try to find the post on the whole $600 dollar thingy

  6. Only them with a console who has a faulty drive. Got a friend which has received an Xbox One, which can’t even keep signal on for 5 minutes, he aint getting anything. Not even a new console, because the local Microsoft will not help him, so all he can do is getting his money back from Amazon, because Amazon doesn’t have have any console to exchange with.

  7. Would assume this advanced exchange is an optional thing?, you can skip it and just wait for your machine to be fixed and be returned to you.

    Regarding the repair not replace-thought this was standard practice, only replace faulty item with new if repairs cannot be carried out on your machine, would have to check T+C from both Sony+MS, but seem to think that’s been the case.Besides in Xbox One case, should be ‘easy’ enough to swap out duff Blu ray drive with working one, should’nt it?.

    As for Sony looking bad not offering something similar (free games), err, speaking personally here, but why should they feel they need to do this?.As long as customer service treats concerned customers with respect, picks up the faulty PS4 quickly and arranges a replacement (or repair) as swiftly as humanly possible, then they are doing fine.Really hope this is the case for those unlucky enough to find themselves with a dodgy PS4.

    The PS4/Xbox contain lord only knows how many transistors etc, all off a production line, 1st wave consumer electronics (mobile/PC/Tablet or console) all carry a risk of something developing a fault, nature of the beast and without being harsh, it really is a risk you take buying 1st wave electronics (been there, suffered the pain, learnt a hard lesson).

    As long as it’s not something Sony were aware of and thought F**K IT, ship and we’ll deal with the flak later, a lot of it is down to acceptable failure rates all electonics are mass produced under. Sony are making PS4 for $60 more than they are selling it as is, so as long as the corrective action is painless on consumer, jobs pretty much done.

    Something like the PSN Hack, where they were lax on the security front and slow to respond/let customers know just WTF was going on, then F**K YEAH!!! I wanted compensation as it was a bloody stressful time and on a good few fronts, Sony allowed themselves to sleep walk into a nightmare situation and the Welcome Back…package did restore a lot of consumer faith, but that’s very different to taking a gamble that you won’t be in the unlucky % that buys a duff unit.

    I’ve found Sony’s customer service to be SHITE (to be blunt) when my PS3 developed a fault, so personally i’d much rather they treated me, the paying customer with a bit of respect when i phone up and say my PS4 is’nt working, rather than take the piss, then accept their hardware has broken down and fob me off with a free game.

    • If your shiny new box of fancy things turns out to be faulty when you get it, you’ve got several options, usually.

      You should be able to get a refund, but that might not be great if you can’t buy a replacement somewhere else.

      Or you can get the retailer to deal with it. If you get straight onto them, they should just replace it (not an option if they haven’t got any replacements though). Or they can get it repaired. And I’m pretty sure it’s entirely up to them. (Although you can obviously get a refund if you don’t like their choice and can’t argue with them enough to make you happy)

      You can probably get the manufacturer to deal with it too, even though it’s really down to whoever sold it to you. If there’s none in the shops, it’s probably the best option.

      Sony seem to be very good with PS3s in my experience. Man with a big box turns up next (working) day, and you just swap the (refurbished) PS3 from the box for your dead one. And the man on the phone arranging that was very friendly and chatty and quite obviously someone who actually plays these things, and not just someone bored and answering the phone.

      How that works with a new PS4, I don’t know. I’d guess they’d give you a nice new one, at least for now.

      • I ha’ve had no problem with Sony customer service On the two occasions I have phoned them. Their websites On the otherhand are a nightmare

  8. Sounds like a great customer service gesture, although that £600 insurance thing needs clarification…how many people are going to have a spare £600 left after already just spending that amount on the original console anyway, even though it is refunded!
    The perfect scenario:
    Console drive fails, MS customer service set out to deliver a brand new console as soon as is possible in exchange for the broken one at the customers address. Meanwhile the customer gets to download a full game with the only break in playtime being the game download wait. No £600 insurance/assurance deposit required as the courier will only drop off the new console in exchange for an already confirmed serial numbered shiny.

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