Latest Mario Release Celebrated With A Short Hand Shadow Play


Yes, yes, PlayStation 4. But Super Mario 3D World is released today for the Wii U and although it might not have guns and screeching tyres and all that exciting stuff, it’s beautiful, charming and hugely fun. We said so in our review.

Nintendo is celebrating by showing off the talents of a hand shadow expert called Drew Colby. Drew has made a video based on the “Shadow-Play Alley” level of the game.

What a weird, wonderful way to celebrate an icon of gaming and his latest appearance. Nintendo hopes that fans will also get involved by making their own videos. They’ve even put together some handy illustrated guides to show you how to do it.


  1. I’m getting this and a PS4, because I’m expecting this to be better than any PS4/XO game released this year.

    • haha, ditto :)

      I’m sure i’ll unbox my PS4 first mind you ;) have WiiUs with the Mario U + Luigi U again today for £200 which is what I paid, bargain if you ask me, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 early next year (and X!) <3

      The WiiU is a great little console with some excellent upcoming exclusives very pleased with mine so far :)

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