Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Has Been Released

Well this is a news story which I completely forgot to post, and on several occasions no less. Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse is out, and it has been since Wednesday evening!


I backed this on Kickstarter all those months ago but, as with practically all of my backed projects, then completely forgot about it and stopped checking in. They announced a release date a while back, and even when it actually arrived, the whole thing just sailed right over my head.

But now I’m busy downloading the game, and if you too backed the project on Kickstarter, then you can now access your game via Revolution’s site, and get a code to redeem on Steam, GOG or Get Games. This should have been outlined in an email to you.

Now, this is just the first half of the game, with a second instalment set for next year, but this has an unfortunate consequence. If you ordered the boxed version, then you won’t get that until the full game is available, though you can still get to play the game. There’s also no real news yet on Android and iOS versions of the game, with varying obstacles getting in the way.

You can, of course, also buy the game without having been a backer, with Steam offering an early discount, or sit back and wait for the eventual release the game will see on PS Vita.



  1. Huge fan of the broken sword games and im so glad it’s returned to its original design. I want to play it but wouldnt mind waiting for the Vita version. Time will tell how long I can go without purchasing!

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