Podcast: Episode 139 – Spider-Man, Broken Sword and FTL

Cards on the table, I wasn’t actually on this week’s podcast. That means that this accompanying post is written based on what Peter, Lewis and Teflon told me they talked about. I mean they’re probably not lying to me, but you never can tell.

Anyway, it seems that Peter has been sitting down with his iPad to play the new port of FTL to the portable platform. Sticking with the portable theme, Peter’s also been using his 3DS to play Nintendo Pocket Football Club. As if that wasn’t enough from the man, he also took the time to get some of his opinions on the latest series of Game of Thrones of his chest.

As for Teflon, he’s been playing the second episode of point and click adventure Broken Sword 5. He’s also been to see Amazing Spider-Man 2, as has this week’s fill in host Lewis who, as is his custom, questions Peter and Tef in this week’s quiz. He also ably guided the crew through the new and your questions to round out this week’s show.

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  1. i never liked the original Dario in season 3, too much of a pretty boy.
    the new guy looks like he more of a badass than the other guy.

    unfortunately some idiot on youtube spoiled the ending to episode 2.
    it wasn’t even a video about the show, he just posted the ending in the comments.

    now i’m pretty tolerant of spoilers, but that was a total dick move.
    i feel it spoiled the impact of the event where i knew it was coming.
    it would have been ok if i’d read it in the book, there it’s stil part of the narrative, but some twat blurting it out online.
    am i a bad person because right then i wished him surgically castrated? >_>

    Bran bloody shot up in season 4 didn’t he?

    that was that cool scene in the original Resident Evil, where Colin Salmon gets cubed by a laser grid.

    that’s after the female soldier gets her head lopped off by the laser.
    of course they do the slow slide, where she stands there a couple of seconds, so you think she’s ok, before her head slowly slides off her neck and she collapses.

    funny thing is, when Colin Salmon was in Alien Vs Predator, also directed by Paul Anderson, he got sliced up in much the same way by that Predator net thing.

    lastly, thanks for that image Peter, i was tired, but i don’t need to sleep now.
    or ever again. O_O

  2. Did someone forget to read the twitter “hellos” at teh start of the show? Not very professional MR. host :P

    Like I said before, this are really great time to be a PlayStation fan boy. I’m so happy right now with the PS4 sells. Congratulations SONY.

    Muramasa is a really great looking game. I haven’t played it, but because I played Odin Sphere and this game looks similar to it, then I would really recommend this to anyone who like beautiful hand-drawn graphics and 2D core gameplay (similar to Strider maybe?).

    Maybe I’m too young, but I never played a Broken Sword game in my life. Probably because they all came out on PC. For someone completely new into the series, is the game still recommendable?

    Yes, that scene was at the first Resident Evil movie, while they were trying to get into some vault I think.
    I hate “brutally stupid films”. Films that are created especially to show the brutality, I despite those. On that I agree with Kris, but also Peter has a point with Kung-Fu films. Peter have you seen ‘The Man with the Iron Fist” it’s produced by one of the Wu-Tang Clan members (I think RZA) and is like a fusion of HK Kung-Fu movies and Q. Tarantino. I liked it, so you should watch it.

    In addition to my question, I just wanted to say that I don’t really feel like the lineup is disappointing, but I hear that a lot from other people and just wanted to know your opinion as I respect it most.

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