PS4 Contrast Patch Now Available For Download

A few days ago Compulsion games had stated that a bug fixing patch would be released for Contrast to fix certain bugs and glitches that had been affecting the game when it launched. Now that patch has gone live, at least for PC and the European PS4 owners.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Fix orb focusing bug on the top level of the Lighthouse. (You should now be able to “lock on” to the orb in all cases.)
  • Fix Carousel luminary loading/persistence problem. (This fixes the situation where you could play the Carousel, not complete it, complete the other two attractions, but then not be able to restart the Carousel.)
  • Fixed dashing, jumping and low framerates getting you stuck in objects. (Most significant fix – big change to prevent getting stuck inside objects.)
  • Fixed dashing from wedging you into geometry at low framerates.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the ground or objects while shifting out. This should fix:
    • Issues where the player could get stuck inside bDetailGeometry meshes. (Random stuff lying around the place.)
    • Cinema skip issue. (Sorry speedrunners, we will look into preserving the previous patch, but not right now.)
    • Fixes lantern issues. (When lighting changes shift you out of shadows.)
    • Fixes issues with getting stuck on dynamic actors. (E.g boxes.)
  • Game now displays the walking animation when stuck in a stable configuration while falling. (No more t-pose, unless you’re still falling.)
  • Allow jumping in that case to help the player get out of the collision. (IE, you can now jump out of most spots in the world. Together, this plus the previous change mean you can jump out of areas that you would have been stuck in previously.)
  • Fix going through walls (getting out of the map) and stop dash from going through shadows. (Big gameplay change – you no longer go into shadows automatically at the end of a dash. You can still manually shift once you’ve finished your dash. You may also find yourself able to double jump in certain circumstances.)
  • Fix for the box falling on the player’s head and floating in space.
  • Fixed a bunch of rare crashes.

The North American PS4 patch is waiting on approval, while the PS3 patch for both territories is just waiting for PSN to be updated. The patch for Xbox 360 is waiting for approval from Microsoft.

Source: Compulsion Games



  1. I think I must have fluked it! I didn’t really encounter any of those problems.

    • me too! Both me and my girlfriend enjoyed playing through this fully and coming back to get any missing items and trophies.

      • Yeah, I think this is one of the few games that I will go back too soon. Missing a few of the collectables and I wouldn’t mind getting all the Trophies as I`m only missing about 5

    • Hey lambchop – not everyone experienced the issues. It’s to do with your gameplay style – if you did everything the way we wanted you to, it was fine. If not, there were some issues with people who try to speed through content quite quickly (which we should have expected, and so have worked to fix).

      – Sam

      • I guess its my style then. I am a gaming sloth ;)

  2. Time to download this game! But you could get stuck in geometry due to low framerates? Seriously?

    • Yes, seriously! That was a comment for the PC version though – we’re talking framerates of 10fps or below (ie people forcing the game to run on systems below our minimum spec). When your gameplay is playing on shadows, if you can’t run the shadows at a decent fps, the collision code struggled to realise exactly where it is. Consoles don’t have this specific issue.

      – Sam

  3. Wow that’s quite a list! I’ve left this installed for another play through to get the trophies I missed.

  4. I’ve had a patch download on my ‘PSN down’ Ps4 Tonight.

    • Me too, this and blacklight. Just hope the new high score I set on Resogun gets uploaded tomorrow!

  5. I love the way PS4 downloads updates any time rather than just a set time of your choosing on PS3 :-)

    Not tried Contrast yet but maybe now’s the time especially seeing as I’ve just completed Shadow Fall on the hard difficulty…

  6. Didn’t expect the patch this soon, I’ll probably start this once I’ve finished mopping up the CoD Ghosts single-player trophies.

  7. Great. I got stuck at the top of the lighthouse a couple of times.

    Also, were they not going to change the trophies? I think I read somewhere that they were all bronze because of a human mistake.

    • Well, all mistakes are human mistakes ;)

      We spoke about the trophy situation on reddit last week. We are not changing the trophies, because if we change the trophies even a little bit, all the trophies get reset for everybody who has played. So while I appreciate it might be frustrating, I hope you agree that it’s better to keep the system working as it is than require everyone to go back and get their trophies again.

      – Sam

    • I think I read that they weren’t going to change them as it would mean people that had played the game could lose trophies they had earned.

  8. I’ve had some problems, was waiting on the patch, so I’ll get back to playing it now.

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