Killzone Shadow Fall And Battlefield 4 Have Been Patched On PS4

The PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 has been patched with a number of tweaks and fixes that should help the game become more stable.

It should also help you keep your friends as the patch corrects the problem of a friendly marker not always appearing on screen, “resulting in players shooting team members”.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Various fixes for improving general stability
  • Fixed flickering in map and minimap on Rouge Transmission and Operation Locker
  • Fixed issue with player spawning under the map in Lancang Dam
  • Increased damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons
  • Normalized repair rates across all vehicles. Vehicles with lower health points, like aircraft and transport vehicles, now repair more slowly than before
  • Fixed a bug where the M1 Abrams Coaxial HMG ammo box was occasionally blocking the driver’s camera
  • Fix for friendly marker not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members
  • Fixed problem with killer health in kill card not being correctly updated (showing 100% health even though the soldier was hurt)
  • EU Players: Fixed bug where game wouldn’t start when when the console was running in any of these languages: Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fix for bug where it looked like soldier was dying with 1 health instead of 0
  • Fixed a player feedback timing issue where blood was appearing before other damage indicators, and before damage was actually done

Killzone Shadow Fall has also received a patch taking it up to version 1.08. Guerrilla have not supplied any notes but a post on their Facebook page reads: “This update fixes several common crashes, including the voice pack crash for Play-Go versions of the game and the spectator rollover crash.”

Whilst we’re on the subject I noticed that Contrast on PS4 also downloaded a patch last night, no idea what it does and there is nothing on the official site.

UPDATE: Found some patch notes for Killzone Shadow Fall.

  • Fixes missing English language pack crash in Play-Go versions.
  • Fixes spectator rollover crash.
  • Adds DLC availability check, so only items available in the PS Store show in the menu.


  1. Contrast’s fixes are listed on the PS4’s dashboard like the others. Looks like a load of bug-fixes.

    • Contrast has/had horrible problems with trophies.
      I had the problem that i couldn’t sync my trophies anymore.
      After system checks etc. I found out Contrast was the problem.

      Even after all trophies and completed game I needed to start the game again
      to get my trophy sync pass the 50% mark.
      There are many entries in playstation forums about it.

    • Don;t have my PS4 in front of me, but thanks :)

  2. That’s good news, I’ve noticed quite a few of these bugs in BF4. I’m going to try and avoid the pub tonight and have a session on BF4 instead.
    Does anyone know anything about a patch in the pipeline to get the Emblems working? I’ve made a more military style version of my Gravatar in Battlelog and want to see it on my tank whilst I’m destroying people… or in reality, see it on my tank shortly before I’m getting blown up with C4.

  3. Anyone who wants Killzone should check ebay. Hundreds of sealed copies going for around £20. Seems lots of people got the Killzone bundle, but didn’t actually want Killzone!

  4. Was playing some Killzone last night – I was in your match Tuffcub :)

    Really enjoying it as a contrast to the bigger battles of Battlefield 4.

    Glad to see they are improving stability on both these.

    • Were you? You should have said hello :)

      • I was sans headset unfortunately.

        I’m still learning the maps so half the time I had no idea where everyone was!

  5. If only Ea and/or Dice, (I don’t actually care who) could see their way to fixing the issue that means the code I have for China Rising DLC will actually change the price from £12 to free like it should, I’d finally be a 100% content BF4 player. As it stand I guess this goes someway to getting me back playing at least

    • Actually, just read up about this again after giving up a couple of weeks ago and it appears even though I technically bought access to the DLC with my copy of BF4, because I bought it on PS3 and then upgraded to PS4 version, my PS4 code doesn;t transfer over
      Ha! Why did i expect anything less from EA…Asses!!!

      • Just read through it. I don’t frequent the forums nearly half as much I used to. This is proof that of how valuable it can be. I’ll drag my ass there more often

      • Well I also assumed it transferred over not that it’s a problem for me as I got premium but it should of be clearer. I have one issue though in that selecting a quick game fails to rotate to the china rising maps so if I want to play then I have to select them from the server browser.

      • Same here, I eventually bought premium but I’ve only played CR once or twice as I normally just go on quick match. Hopefully they’ll address the issue when the next lot of maps are released.

  6. Wasn’t the BF4 patch that i was hoping for to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, i love that game. However I read they were patching the mobile anti aircraft, and they didn’t. That thing is so overpowered, it makes any game mode with vehicles pointless.

  7. Does it save the campaign properly now?

  8. Battlefield 4. Patched. Crashed my game and randomly deleted my game file. This happened with BF3. So annoying as I ain’t starting again. Same as BF3, trade it is!

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