Pure Pool Heading To PS4

VooFoo Studios, who previously worked on Hustle Kings and Pure Chess will be bringing Pure Pool to PS4 next year, published by Ripstone.

It’s certainly in the right hands then, and aims to create an authentic pool experience, though one which creates a “living, breathing, connected Pool Hall from the convenience of your own home”.

Here’s two lovely images in the gallery below:

Source: Press Release



  1. I enjoyed Hustle Kings, especially in 3D, so looking forward to finding out more about this. Should be good though.

  2. Why did they feel the need to feature a rediculously breasted female in high heels…?

    Other than that tired sterio type – I’m looking forward to a good Pool game…

    • To be fair, whenever I normally see a female around a pool table, they’re half cut in a pub wearing next to nothing enabling them to get drinks bought for them so they kind of have a point :)
      Moving on… The pool aspect looks good but I don’t think much to the people visuals and animations.

      • I share your pain?! Dave. There’s a couple of burds like that at my local Corner Pocket….brazen hussies, the pair of them. o_O

        As for the game. If it’s anything like Hustle Kings then it’ll be good.

      • Purely out of interest… Where & what pub is this you speak of???

    • It’s quite an accurate portrayal of the women in two of my local pool halls…

  3. As long as this has local multiplayer available, I’d buy it.

  4. VooFoo certainly know what they’re doing – Hustle Kings is brilliant.

    That trailer on the other hand…

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