Break Balls As Pure Pool Launches Next Week On PS4 & PC

Ripstone Games has announced that Voofoo Studios’ Pure Pool will be launching next week on PS4 and Steam. For PS4 it’ll be after the store updates, and on Steam July 31st. Voofoo Studios does have experience in creating good pool games as evidenced by Hustle Kings, so hopefully this is just as fun. The trailer does make Pure Pool look very slick too, and according to it you’ll be able to spectate others games.


According to original press release when the game was first announced last year Pure Pool will be a “living, breathing, pool hall.” The balls look very nice, and that’s down to Voofoo aiming for photo realistic graphics.

Source: Twitter



  1. Looks cool, although not quite sure why there are scantily clad women?

    Will pick this up if the price is right, just got a £35 PSN card today and I’d want some credit left after Last Light(£11.99) for other games such as switch galaxy ultra, defense grid 2 when they launch.

  2. I might be wrong but judging by some gameplay videos it’s nothing like this trailer suggests at all.

    • No you are exactly right…trailer was made by a hired company but resembles nothing like the game…

      • May have to give this a shot then, excuse the pun. The trailer complete put me off, but if it doesn’t resemble the game thats a good thing.

  3. I was a regular player of Hustle Kings and VooFoo invited me down to their offices to try Pure Pool in May…the product was 90% finished and I can honestly say the game is sheer class.

    It is highly polished and slick…that trailer bears no resemblance to either gameplay or video footage as the trailer was not made by VooFoo.

    If you want to know more head over to the EU Playstation forums as VooFoo are doing a Q&A soon…

  4. Nice bit of royalty money for EZ Rollers!

  5. Oh ill be buying this like to have a pool/snooker game in my collection, wouldn’t mind a nice poker game for PS4 as well.

  6. Oh no! It’s that trailer with the creepy lady in.

    Well I say lady, but it’s obviously a man dressed as a lady. And made to look creepy. I guess that’s what happens if you’re too cheap to buy more models for your cheating, obviously not real gameplay footage trailer.

    I’m the final game will be good though. And will embarrass me. (I’ve got a degree in Physics, and so should be good at pool. Sadly, this never seems to be true. For any physicist. This may be why they concentrate on growing beards and playing bongos instead)

    • It’s the eyes!!! She’s like Medusa without the snake hair do.

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