Xbox One Reaches Two Million Sales

Microsoft have reached the two million landmark with the Xbox One after just 18 days of the console being on sale. That’s over a hundred thousand units per day, on average, and a really impressive start alongside the PS4.

Speaking about the matter, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of strategy and marketing Yusuf Mehdi stated:

“We are thrilled to see sales of Xbox One on a record-setting pace, with over 2m Xbox One consoles in homes around the world. Demand is exceeding supply in our 13 launch markets and Xbox One is sold out at most retailers.

“We’re also particularly excited to see consumers engaging in a wide range of games and entertainment experiences on the platform, with more than 1m paid transactions on Xbox Live to date.”

This generation is going to be good, as big install bases mean more games from publishers, with some perhaps even willing to take chances with new IPs rather than relying on current franchises. It’s going to be an exciting few years.

Source: MCV



  1. Do you know the PS4 figures for comparison?

    • the PS4 hit 2.1 million last week didn’t it?

      • Yes I believe so… Xbox is lagging behind ;)

  2. So are One + PS4 sales combined greater than the Wii U’s year one sales.

    • It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo do in the holiday season. You can pretty much pick up a WiiU for £200 now if you shop around, and with Mario 3D being available and the fact the WiiU is in stock it might do well.

      Roll on Mario Kart 8!

  3. Stock seems to be the biggest problem at the moment. Whilst retailers like CEX are now offering the XBOX at RRP (£430), PS4’s are still over the RRP. I looked at stock yesterday in places like Argos (friend is after a PS4) and while I can go get an XBOX One, I struggled to find anywhere stocking PS4’s.

    • By gosh you are right man. You can just go to Argos and buy an Xbox (only for store delivery taking 2 days to do so)! Well I never. PS4 all sold out though which is a shame as few guys at work after one.

    • I ordered mine on Shopto last tuesday under the impression that I would’nt have it for another few weeks due to stock shortages, but it came by Thursday. I was surprised but in the best possible way.

      • Anyone know if there are clowns out there buying at silly prices on ebay? Might get me an Xbone to sell on ebay if they are that easily available.

      • If you can get hold of a PS4 its better, pop to CEX and make an easy £50 profit at the moment. After fees etc, doubt you’d make much profit on an XBOX One unless supply dries up a little bit towards Christmas.

      • No people are only buying photos of them :)

    • a Brand new CEX opened in my home town, had a PS4 for £500 pre owned, no bundled games, they are also offer £400 trade in value…

      I had respect for CEX, but thats robbery.

  4. Might be being cynical but I believe that sales of the Xbox One are being boosted by the lack of PS4’s. As many have mentioned above, there are places you can still buy an x1 or a very short waiting time whereas PS4’s are sold out everywhere. I think launching in Asia this December might hurt the PS4 long term.

  5. Congrats to Microsoft, they’ve done really well all things considered.

    • Agreed. Both consoles selling well is a great thing for gamers.

      Ridiculous, fanboy commentary however is not.

  6. Glad to see the Video cassette format making a comeback.

  7. Well done to ’em. As pointed out in the article, it can only be good for the games industry as a whole.

  8. Impressive sales, less behing the ps4 than I thought.

    • Aye. Thing is, we won’t get a clear view until stock levels are under control and we see the true demand.

      The only thing I find puzzling is Microsoft constantly telling us about being sold out in most places and consumers highlighting that most stores (even in the US) have a small amount of stock and, if not, can get one “down the road”, as such.

  9. It helps that PS4 is out of stock nearly everywhere and shipments aren’t coming in as fast.

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