Marvel Vs. Capcom To Be Removed From PSN And XBL

Capcom have announced that they will be removing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and their DLC, from of PSN and XBLA in a matter of days.

The DLC is currently on sale on the PSN with a 50% discount and Capcom have hinted a similar deal will soon appear on Xbox Live. No reason has been given for the removal, presumably the license to use characters from Marvel has expired.


The last day DLC content for these titles will be available is

  • 17th December for PSN in North America
  • 19th December for PSN in Europe
  • 26th December for XBLA globally

No date was given for the removal of the games but I would guess they will vanish at the same time as the DLC.

This news is brought to you thanks to healing powers of an M&S bacon sandwich, fortifying those who had a heavy weekend since 2011.

Source: Capcom



  1. Something similar happened with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, the DLC just disapeared after a bit. I guess Marvel likes to put expiry dates in their licensing deals?

  2. It’s annoying that any discounts haven’t appeared on the PSN thus far, so if you want to pick up everything the window is getting smaller!

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