Watch Dogs Was Originally The Driver Engine

Ubisoft have revealed that forthcoming open world hack-a-thon, Watch Dogs, originally started out as the engine for a new entry in the Driver franchise.

“Watch Dogs wasn’t started as Watch Dogs,”explained Ubisoft North American president, Laurent Detoc, to IGN.

“They were working on a driving engine, working on something. We had the Driver license. This was years ago. Then we were thinking, ‘no, this is not the way we want to go with a driving game,’ so we cancelled that and restarted. It’s not like Watch Dogs started as Watch Dogs. The Watch Dogs project was initially another game. At some point it changed. That’s at least three years ago, and then the Watch Dogs project reused some of the work that had been done on this driving engine.”

“I wouldn’t say that Driver became Watch Dogs, because that’s not true,” he added, “That’s not really what happens.”

“What happens is that a game gets cancelled, and then you take pieces of that game to make a new one. We could have had another driving engine from another team in another place, and then it would have been used by the Watch Dogs team.”

Source: IGN


  1. Going by what I’ve seen of Watch Dogs A new Driver game would look brilliant. I hope they decide to make another one, assuming they still hold the licence.

  2. Due to this pre-Christmas cold of mine, I’ve decided to have my very own hack-a-thon and will charge a lot less than Watchdogs’ RRP for people to be entertained by my Lemsip-fuelled antics.

  3. Hopefully this means the driving mechanics will be good. :)

  4. can you even drive in Watchdogs?
    i can’t recall any videos where the lead character, who’s name i forget right now, is driving.

    • he was driving in one of the trailers.

  5. As much as this looks good, I hope a new Driver comes out. The last one was really good, and normally they do 2 entries of the series per generation.

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