Daylight’s New Trailer Advises You Don’t Look Back

Zombie Studio’s Daylight is shaping up to be an interesting horror game coming to PS4 and PC. The game is about a person who is exploring an abandoned hospital after waking up in it. Oh and the only light source is her phone.


The game is using the Unreal 4 engine and it will also be procedurally generated, meaning the layout of the hospital changes throughout each playthrough. The aim of the game is to help the character find clues to escape the hospital all the while trying to avoid its inhabitants.

Daylight is set to release soon this year.

Source: Youtube



  1. The Shit-Ya-Pants genre looks to be off to a great start this year. :-)

    • You can play it squatting behind the bushes in the garden thanks to Remote Play..;)

  2. Am I the only one who is constantly confusing this game with Dying Light ?

  3. Sounds like Outlast to me

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