Daylight Releases April 8th, Features Interactive Twitch Streams On PS4

We’ve all seen the phenomenon that has been Twitch Plays Pokémon over the last week or so, with players commenting commands en masse to control the game. And now that developers are working out how to use this functionality, they’re beginning to do even more interesting things with it.

Daylight, an upcoming horror game which is just perfect for streaming, will use Twitch chat to cue game events, which in turn will scare the player. They aren’t telling everyone what the commands will be – to make it a bit more fun finding them out – but, as an example, they said typing “Meow” could make the sound of a cat play in game, catching the player off guard.


They’ll be on timers, to prevent people spamming them, and there’s a heavy focus on experimentation to find all of the commands. We’re not sure they’ll do anything other than make noises, but it’s certainly an interesting approach.

Daylight is a proper horror game, much like Outlast in that you won’t be able to fight enemies directly. Instead, you’ll have to escape or use your flares. Unlike Outlast however, you won’t get the same experience twice, as it features procedurally generated scares.

It will also be fully 3D compatible: “Catching an overhead light flicker down an incredibly long corridor is one of the more chilling 3D applications…until you come across a spirit, that is” says the developer, and they also tease that it will be coming to VR headsets in the future.

Daylight will be scaring players willing to pay the asking price of £11.99 from April 8th on Steam and on the PlayStation Store.



  1. Got ahead of myself then when I thought this was the release date of Dying Light! Doh…
    This looks pretty decent though, Loved Outlast so I’ll probably check this out come April.

    • Ah…! The same. Gutted. I was clamouring towards the likes of Amazon and to go check out the prices.

      • Lol, I did exactly the same thing!

    • chalk up another

      • And another. Every time I see this game I have to take a second to realize it the one I don’t give a crap about.

  2. Loving this ‘procedurally generated’ stuff.

  3. Nice concept, far too scary for me though.

  4. I just clicked on the Twitch link. I never want to see or hear anything that terrible again. Wow.

  5. Um… As an aside… What’s with my profile pic?? Lol

  6. Coming to VR headsets! Should we be expecting some news on VR for PS4 soon?!

  7. Excellent.

    Looking forward to it- horror is always good, and 3D games are awesome now that I actually have a 3DTV.

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