Square Enix Montreal’s Hitman Game Cancelled

Though a new Hitman game has yet to be confirmed it has been thought for a while that both Square Enix Montreal and IO Interactive would be working on their own major entries to the series. However it now appears that Montreal’s entry has been cancelled, at least according to the CV of Richard Knight, a senior game designer from the developer.

Instead it looks like Square Enix Montreal has instead been moved to develop an iOS and Android game based on the franchise. Though this project is announced  there were some trademarks registered last year, including one for Hitman Go. Sounds like a mobile title.

IO Interactive is apparently in pre-production of a new Hitman title for the new gen consoles, though any news on that is still being kept under wraps.

Source: LinkedIn via Videogamer


  1. Loved Hitman Absolution, although found the older games tougher. Really hope there’s a new console one in the works!

  2. I think this is good thing. Although I enjoyed Absolution, it was clearly influenced by people who didn’t understand the series, so hopefully the new one is a return to the older style of gameplay.

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