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Hello! WeView is back after a break since mid-December, when we focused on the WeView-esque Your Memories of a Generation and then moved into all of our Christmas content. You still voted for Grand Theft Auto V after the last WeView Verdict though, so today we’ll look at what we voted our second favourite game of last year.

GTA V is really a game that needs no introduction, which might make this article a bit pointless, but you need somewhere to leave your comments so we’ll go with it anyway.


Rockstar’s second crack at the last generation of consoles took everything that was good about previous games in the series and made it better, basically. There were three protagonists, a huge world map and tons of activities, along with a superb story and some extremely fun gameplay. It’s really just a fantastic game.

We scored it 10/10 in our review, and Peter summed it up by concluding:

GTA V doesn’t break new ground. It’s not going to change the world. It is, after all, the fifth numbered title in a well loved series and for the most part it is simply delivering more of what the developers must know the fans want to see. To expect otherwise is idiocy. But it is engaging, compelling, interesting, clever, funny and packed with things to do and see. It’s a personal story, or several personal stories, set in a magnificent world that ebbs and flows with thousands of people who all seem to be living their own personal stories. It’s a genuine landmark event in the history of video games and it’s one that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

That sounds about right. I really enjoyed the game, but now it’s all behind me, as I’ve forgotten about the last generation and am fully focused on the PlayStation 4. Did Rockstar make a mistake by leaving it so late in the generation, or was it the perfect swan song?

What Peter didn’t go into in his review – because it didn’t launch until two weeks after the game – was GTA Online. This new multiplayer aspect allowed sixteen players to explore the world of Los Santos and Blaine County at free will, competing in deathmatch and race Jobs against each other.

It’s a really great online mode, which still sees a lot of players today. While there were a lot of issues with connectivity at the start, most of these have been ironed out, and there should be more content coming to the multiplayer portion soon.

While we enjoyed it, we want to know how you feel about the game, so we can round-up your thoughts in a verdict article on Monday. To do that, simply leave a comment below with your thoughts on the game. Some clear and concise thoughts are all we need, along with a rating of Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It.

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  1. I only bought this game due to media hype, I got suckered! This game is just déjàvu, if you played other GTA’s you already played it. It was a good game the first time you played it with franklin & Michael but the moment I got Trevor, I never touched it again, he was funny to start off with but eventually got annoying!

    There is still the same problem with GTA, the little targeting do when you shooting it’s not visible as much as you want it to be. The online well the last time I played online was when the servers was an issue so dunno how it’s like, but the online wasn’t clear on what it is you doing, how to find games to play, easily robbed then you resprawn only to find the same person waiting for you at the hospital to kill you again till you bankrupt.

    Bargain bin it

  2. The game is great although I’m rather pissed with the multiplayer. It’s my opinion that the game was rushed (with only the campaign completed) to be released before the next gen consoles, and the multiplayer missing large aspects that were promised and are STILL missing. The in-game market has been destroyed by the ridiculous amount of glitches that Rockstar didn’t plug, with people applying stupid bounties on people (for no reason). Due to level glitches, there are people on very high levels – whilst this isn’t a massive issue, Rockstar have since nerfed the RP for missions and now it takes a lifetime to level-up significantly for the people who didn’t cheat. There is still no sign of the heist missions and the creator is only in Beta stage – nice to know we’ve paid for a game that we’re now testing. And since when should it be more beneficial to repeat a short 1-lap solo race than complete a challenging mission that takes 20 minutes? Rant over :p

    The single player is great, voice acting is brilliant and amusing. Game suffers from repetition though.

    Buy It (for the single player)

    • I do understands your point about the stuff they promised but my view is that, if they had never promised it, I would still be enjoying online with what it has in place.
      In a way they are victims of their own optimism.

      • It’s not a massive issue really, as I know the missing features will come – it’s just not the point. But this kind of thing isn’t exactly exclusive to Rockstar (things being released incomplete).

        My main issue is that people used/abused the way the RP was setup for missions and races, and Rockstar then changed it – not really fair as it’ll now take me an eternity to reach level 120 if I want to unlock the Minigun. And it means other people who have reached level 50 can send muggers after me yet it’ll be a while before I even have that ability. If they’ve made errors with RP, they should keep it as it is to keep it a level playing field. By all means patch broken missions etc though.

      • Yeah, they should at least do something to eliminate the mismatched levels you get dropped in with. I’m just over 50 and I find myself in sessions with several at 120+ just driving tanks about killing everything! It’s harsh on me but there are also some first timers in the same session! They stand no chance and it’s gonna put them off the game entirely.

        They need a better matchmaking system, perhaps with the option to ignore it IF YOU CHOOSE.

      • Yeah, that would be a good match-making option!

  3. I was honestly not all that hyped for this until I saw that long trailer with the voiceover.
    The hype took over then and I genuinely think this game lived up to it. The three protagonist system was a stroke of genius and all three of them was interesting and engaging in different ways. I have to say, each of them was better than Nico Bellic mainly just because this game remembered the key part of a game, being fun!

    The individual stories and the way they came together was well written and almost all the missions were fun and challenging.
    The voice acting is fantastic and really made the characters come to life.

    The world is perfect too. Loads going on and a good mix of different landscapes without the bland areas of nothingness from which the previous gen San Andreas suffered.

    Online, for all it’s teething problems, is amazingly fun. I’ve not been in for a while (because, PS4) but I never run out of shit to do or feel bored. The random killing can be annoying but once you come to terms with the fact that it’s going to happen, it’s quite fun. Dropping into a session with TSA people was always a huge laugh.

    The time I did some missions with randoms and, at the lobby of the fourth, someone on the mic said ‘yeah we got JackDusty on our team’ is one of my proudest gaming moments

  4. Any game that keeps me logging back into it wanting to progress the story (and have a ton of fun doing it) is alright by me… I loved GTA V, one of the best games I’ve played on any gen of console (or PC for that matter). Yes it was hyped up, yes its not miles different from GTA4, but it does everything better, bigger.

    Its the attention to detail that was sublime – nothing I’ve played before has come close. From the engine ticking on a car after you’ve given it a good trash and turned it off, to the bits where you swap to Trevor and he has a girls skirt on and a guy tied up under the pier (wtf?! lol).

    What is exciting is the next one. When Rockstar really get to use the next gen hardware. I do think they’ll redo GTAV for the PS4 and XBOX one and I say why not. Its not like you are forced to buy it – I expect it’ll be popular anyway, even if people hate on them for doing so.

    Would I buy it again? Don’t know, maybe – I’d like to replay it again and maybe try the online features (as I never did on my 360) – plus with them redoing it, they’ll learn things about the new hardware that they can take forward into GTA6 which I’m sure everyone who enjoys the franchise will feel is a good thing.

    I’d say “Buy it” if you’ve not played it, though you’d probably be able to pick up a 2nd hand copy for peanuts now. When it came out I paid £35 on preorder from Amazon, I completed it over a few weeks and resold it to CEX for £38, so I got to spend hours enjoying myself playing the superb game Rockstar produced, and make £3 hard profit due to the lack of supply – can’t be bad! ;)

  5. Really enjoyed the single player part of the game. I thought the story was great too. There’s just one really big problem with it for me though: Its not Vice City or the original San Andreas.
    Although it is great game, the series I think is just suffering from a little bit of fatigue.
    I dont want to talk about the Online though as the nerfing of the RP has upset me somewhat.

    Still worth a punt, BUY IT

  6. I didn’t find the single player portion if the game particularly exciting, it was ok, the voice acting is brilliant on all accounts though. I found it really annoying that you would do 5 or 6 missions and actually not get paid for any of them, when you first start the game and actually want too buy something you actually cant.

    In all honesty I did like the whole switching of characters, it was a clever narrative as the stories ultimately combined to make a complete story. I actually used Franklin the most. If I was off mission he would be my ‘go to guy’, I could have happily just played the whole story as him if I’m honest.

    The Online portion of this game is most definitely its strong point, I have put in a ridiculous amount of hours, I got to about level 78 legitimately ( I have friends that have over a billion GTA $’s and are level 400+ in modded servers) and I loved getting there if I didn’t have a PS4 then I would still be playing this game Online as in my opinion it is honestly that good. Yeah R* my have said there would be more features than there was at launch and the whole server issues were unbelieveable, but in the end they actually came good on what they promised, mostly.

    Buy it.

  7. Its an interesting thing hype because it can help a game-The Last Of Us benefited from hype after the game released. GTA had lost of hype before the game and despite it being vastly superior to GTA4, the game has its issues.

    From what I have experienced so far, the game is great. It controls well, has a sense of vibrancy and colour yet some times some of the missions are tedious that teeter to points of boredom. For example, the mission where Michael does Yoga or where Franklin does some random tow jobs. Yet for these there are the heist missions which work very well.

    Single Player is good, enjoyable and slightly let down by repetitiveness.

    Multiplayer is well…an unrealised pot of potential. The whole thing is down to the players rather than what the game wants you to do. Say you want to play TDM or DM-you can only do so in a set lobby where the other players want to do just that away from the entertaining free roam. When matchmaking does work, it generally jousts you into a free roam game anyway.

    Microtransactions are certainly built into the game. Whereas Gran Turismo implements it as a bonus, in order to level the playing field or save yourself a grind, these transactions will eliminate hard earned time online.

    Despite the whole debacle of the game-the launch, the lack of a recognised female presence-imagine a female Trevor?, the game is still very good. It is not the best game of 2013 nor is it one of the best games made.

    You should still buy it though.

  8. I was rather ‘anti’, having played, and loathed, GTA IV.
    A few people telling me it wasn’t a sequel to that, but a different, more fun game, led me to buying it (on a whim when game had a pre Christmas sale, got it for £27)
    Well worth it, had hours of fun and still have lots to do in game.
    Not played online yet, I’m sure I will eventually.
    On the whole I would say ‘Buy It’

  9. Like most people, I don’t enjoy endless repetitions of driving from point A to point B broken up by the occasional shooting bit. Or maybe they’ll make you shoot and drive at the same time for something new.

    The mechanics are far from rock solid or intuitive as well- the same old GTA there. They basically took the same driving and combat and added some features from Red Dead Redemption, but not quite matching Red Dead’s combat.

    What remains is the satire the series is famous for, and the pop references. When the best thing about your game is references to other entertainment, you haven’t made a good game. The ‘satire’ itself is the exact same generic stuff we’ve been hearing since they realised they could record radio ads and put them in the game. It’s beyond tiring at this point, and cringeworthy in many place (rather like the storylines and dialogue handed to Franklin and above all, Trevor).

    That said, the first few hours before the repetition set in were great fun- but once you notice that feeling of sameness, it’s hard to enjoy the game anymore.

    Hovering between Rent It (first few hours were good fun) and Avoid It, but I’m going to go with AVOID IT. This is like the standard blockbuster movie… Big, loud and ultimately hollow. Even the soundtrack disappointed. In a year where Bioshock and The Last of Us showed us the heights big video games can reach, while The Stanley Parable and Thomas Was Alone demonstrated how good a story you can tell with a low budget, Grand Theft Auto V showed us how ‘funny’ it is to mount a bitch as a dog.

    Hysterical. AVOID

    • Yeah, but for every Financial Times reader, there’s a handful of Sun readers. We all like a bit of low-brow gaming from time-to-time. ;-) Well… I did! :-)

  10. GTA IV was good and the online showed us a world of silliness but nothing prepared me for GTA V. I purposely avoided the game for the first few weeks (until the online nonsense was sorted out) then dived in.

    The single player campaign was wonderful stuff with the finest open world environment we could hope for this generation. Let’s be honest, how the hell Rockstar North managed to make that world look the way it did on the PS3 (and 360) is a wonder to behold, let alone the size of the damn place! Only recently did a few of us take out the subs and go hunting for the downed UFO in the ocean.

    The triple protagonist approach lended a certain charm and levity to the campaign, as well as genuine variety in skills and missions undertaken.

    However, the online mode captivated me (and a few of TSA’s own). The sheer nonsense we got up to was stunning. Trying everything silly that the game would allow. Packing the train tracks with vehicles (aircraft, etc) to see what happens when the train hits. Air-lifting coaches onto the tallest buildings and driving them off. Stealing tanks from the military base. Trying to land small planes on big planes (whilst still flying!). :-)

    Only last week, we found the BMX flying glitch. If you don’t know it, go look it up on YouTube. It’s superb! :-)

    Buy It. It’s one of the best games this generation and deserves your time if you like this sort of thing. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a GTA meet (of tomfoolery) as TonyCawley and Kitch (GTOWN) are setting one up.

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